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Looking at 2010 MKS bad engine

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I am new to these cars and found a 2010 MKS with bad engine (no info on what is wrong). I was thinking in worst case I can buy a used engine from yard and have a shop install it. How involved is swapping engines in these cars? 
Is the ecoboost in the F150 compatible or are they body specific?


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The F150 ecoboost engine is specific to the longitudinal layout, with some differences in internal componentry including crankshaft and connecting rods.  Turbos are different/bigger.  The water pump is also mounted externally.  This causes fitment issues in the transverse layout, in addition to programming required to work in the transverse layout.  Transmissions are different, tho you might be able to get it to work as is, or need adapter plates, IDK.

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