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MyCal - WOT Readings?

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Has anyone logged a WOT run with the MyCal and seen what values you get for Torque and HP? Are the values that the MyCal gives you at the crank or at the wheels?


I haven't been able to doe a WOT from stop but I've been able to quick WOT run from 25MPH to about 60MPH and I was only able to get up to 217 ft lbs of torque and 223 HP.


Another thing I've found a little curious is that in the Generic ODB section there is an "Absolute Throttle Position" and if you've updated and have the Enhanced Trial Ford UDB installed you will see that there is another few throttle settings. I believe one is the actual amount of pedal you've pushed down and the other is the amount of throttle the computer is actually giving the engine. I'll have to double check but I think I have seen that I'll have dips in the actual throttle being applied by the computer vs. what I'm applying with my foot. I think I will do some more data logging on this to see if those dips in the throttle correspond to the times where I can sense my power loss and my quirky RPMS's when I have that bogged down feeling.

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