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  2. fellas-my main admin key fob wasn't being detected by my engine to get it started so I've been using my backup key which works fine but now my reverse motion sensor quit working. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks!
  3. I have a 2010 Taurus SHO I need a recommendation for a Blow off valve i cant find one plz help me
  4. Welcome! Since you have a 1991 SHO, you may not get much response here. This is the EcoBoost forum for SHOs from 2010 and newer. With that said, many of us have had older SHOs as well, and are car enthusiasts in general. Since your '91 is a manual transmission, it will not have a neutral safety switch. Those are only on the Automatic version. Instead, you will have a Clutch Pedal Position switch that closes the circuit when the clutch is fully depressed. Please clarify your comment "I can start it by popping the clutch but it just clicks a noise." Are you saying the car wil
  5. My car won't start 91 s h o it says 24 valve Manuel and I'm thinking it is the neutral safety switch but I can't find it!!! is it on the transmission under the pedal where?? I can start it by popping the clutch but it just clicks a noise in inthe area of the glove compartment when I turn the key I have my foot all the way in the clutch and my foot on the brake and it still won't start.. not in any gears
  6. Diane

    1991 SHO

    Hi there I'm Diane I'm in Washington state I just bought a SHO for the first time it is a kick to drive... I love it!! I couldn't believe how fast they are I'm totally hooked.. it's a 1991 manual transmission it says 24 valve.
  7. Dear Fellow EcoBoost Owners, Sadly, my experience with Livernois has been outright terrible. I tuned my 2018 Raptor with less than 15,000 miles on it with the Livernois High Performance Tune (with the MyCalibrator device). After LESS than 1,000 miles my exhaust stats blowing grey smoke. What is it? A completely destroyed turbo, oil leakage throughout the engine and destroyed pistons & cylinders. All of this due to the excessive pressure and strain from the Livernois Motorsports Tune. Please save yourself a lot of money, time, and regret and DON'T buy their tune. Go somewhere else
  8. Wonder if this applies to the 3.5 ecoboost heads, ? Although I’ve been told there is no real point to CNC the runners, just to work the chambers etc..
  9. What's up guys.. What exhaust sounds good on the Taurus Sho?
  10. We I’ve spent way too much on my 2014 F-150, like many of us , lol..ONLY it’s low miles about 24k helps keep me interested in building it, plus the fact I’m a DVET I’ve got little else to do with my time AND ITS A PURPOSE BUILT TRUCK BUILT AROUND MY DISABILITY,AND LOVE OF SPEED......I almost spent most of $$$ my savings to build a forged 3.5 motor with RMB MOTORSWORKS, BUT SEEING THE GARAGE IN THE BACK YARD, AND THE HUGE AMOUNT OF BLOWN MOTORS, AND TAKING FROM A YR TO TWO YRS TO GET YOUR MOTOR AND THEN IT BLOWS UP, Including Kenny bell’s motor I got scared, (not there’s anything wrong with sta
  11. I have a 13 MKS with 124K on it. What would I do for more acceleration?
  12. Bit of an old tread but I would be interested if you can put me in right direction on the velocity stacks you have used on this build? Thanks.
  13. I have a engine knock on my 2013 SHO, took it into Ford and said that it’s the headers and there’s metal in the oil. I don’t even know where to start with this. They told me that I needed a new engine but I really don’t want to do that. Anything helps
  14. my name is scubasteve, and I am for scuba
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