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  1. Cool. I am fine with it then. Just worried something was wrong with my car. I did find a disconnected vacuum hose from my trip to the dealer...Nice. Not the source of the noise though.
  2. I'm really loving the tune as well! Definitely a huge improvement (and I was happy before!). I do have what sounds like a bit of a whistle/loud blow off valve sound that seems to have coincided with the tune install. It only happens if I just start to generate a couple of pounds of boost in 2nd or 3rd and then let off the throttle 'sharply'...I get what sounds exactly like the BOV venting to atmosphere with a bit of a whistle...except I don't have my BOV's vented to atmosphere. I can totally live with it and I'm guessing it probably isn't related to the tune itself but something else goin
  3. Very interested in seeing how this goes. I'm on my second set of taillights as well and they look horrible. Oh and the Ford dealer says no go on a replacement again. I even asked for regular tail lights but as others have found out they won't even consider it. Ridiculous.
  4. I have to completely agree...just loaded up the 3 Bar and 4X tune this morning and wow what an improvement (not that I didn't like the 4+ tune to begin with)!!
  5. Thanks! I updated the original post with some new information...
  6. Haven't posted here in a long time but no time like the present. Hope this is helpful. It is my research reposted here to help: I finally spent some time this weekend trying out an idea I had and I believe it is working so far. I am reverse engineering a few of the PIDs with a serial protocol analyzer and a scan tool that requests the information. I basically request a parameter one PID at a time and capture the response from the car which includes the original PID and the value. As such I am fairly confident in the PID however the "math" part of the equation is more challenging. Here is w
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