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  1. A friend had has McLaren tuned and asked if I wanted to come drive it.
  2. I recently had a 2015 Mustang GT for a month and I must say... I loved it! I got a lot of thumbs up and people stopping and wanting to look at or talk about the car. In my opinion, it's the best looking late model Mustang. It has all of the creature comforts, yet is quick and fun to drive. I've owned a lot of Mustangs over the years, but Ford hit a home run with this car Quick Photoshop... Lowered, tinted, HRE wheels, and big brakes LOL I was also impressed with the way it was in the snow and ice with the snow/rain mo
  3. Anyone on here into arcade games? I loved going to the arcade when I was younger and recently picked up Terminator 2, which I spent too much time playing in the arcade when I was younger. Here are mine... I need a larger basement! If you're into games, post yours!
  4. I missed it.. Think they'll get you a copy you can post on YouTube?
  5. 5,000... Had it since may but don't drive it much since I've been lucky getting evaluation cars at work.
  6. Looks great! Nice work! I think taking it one step further and painting the chrome surround body color would also look nice.
  7. Ford Racing was testing some mods on their EcoBoost Mustang at Milan Dragway... Can't wait to see the video!
  8. Today, I came out of work and found another Fusion parked next to me, so I decide to take a photo to show the difference in ride height vs. stock and my car with Eibach springs. Noticed the difference in the wheel well gap and how much lower my mirror sits. Also saw this car in the lot with an aftermarket grille. It appears the factory grille is still behind it.
  9. EDIT - VIDEO - Unfortunately, my current laptop doesn't have any good editing software so the video isn't the greatest... [video=youtube;KUolqjkDkiM]
  10. Here are some of his others. These are videos I've done in the past. Typically he says you drive, I'll video [video=youtube;-xOjN87v6HI] [video=youtube;N_6D8xictEI] [video=youtube;S2EXyh-TsFk] [video=youtube;OF9Aw1M9NhM]
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