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  1. Hello All, Just an FYI. Keep checking your mail. B. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/ford-recalls-211000-vehicles-for-suspension-woes/ar-BBZVx7i
  2. Hello All, Up until about two months ago my old girl was running great. She has 70k on the ODO, no mods, serviced regularly and has been a fun car until now. The problem happens when she is at operating temperature. Under medium to full throttle she acts like she is fighting a drag chute. Engine tries to rev and she tries to accelerate, but it happens slowly. Like something is holding her back. I have no DTC's or check engine light. The problem occurred about 30 miles into a full tank of gas. I have since tried several tanks of premium fuel to no avail. I have tried fuel injecto
  3. OP, Which part number for the front rotors did you buy? And was it just the rotor or did the rotor come with the unit bearing and reluctor? EBC wants four hundred bucks just for the front rotors. I did the EBC redstuff and slotted rear brakes and love them. But sticker shock is killing me on the fronts. Thanks, Bruce
  4. Okay, I got the Michelin Pilot Super Sport about a month ago. Very smooth riding. They grip the pavement like Velcro. Now I have to wait for winter to see how they do there. B.
  5. Well, my old girl hit 60k miles today. Still runs like a top. She could use a good detail though. B.
  6. The car has the Michelin Primacy on it now. I don't like their look. They have narrow shoulders which give the appearance the rims are to wide. But the rims are factory. So I am looking for a tire with a wider shoulder. So how about the Michelin Pilot Super Sport? Or the Pirelli P Zero? Both of those have a better visual apperance and about a hundred bucks cheaper each than the Toyos. BUT, the Toyo has a 50k mileage guarantee. The Michelin has a 30k. And the Pirelli has? Nothing. Thanks, B.
  7. Well I really don't need a Z rated tire for sure. And I don't do snow in the SHO (LOL). So maybe go with a set of Michelin P Zeros then? Bruce
  8. Hello All, Well, the old girl is just about ready for some new shoes. With 54k+ on the odo, I guess it was bound to happen right? I went to Les Schwab tires today and they only list one tire. I know there are lots of others, which I have checked out at America's Tires. But, I would like to knwo what you think of the one first. It is the Toyo Proxes 4 plus. 104 load rating and W speed rating. They had one on the shelf. I liked the tread pattern and the look of the tire. It has 50K tread wear warranty. The size is 255/45ZR-19XL. So what do you guys think of this tire? Th
  9. No kidding. The dealer was going to charge me 130 bucks to program a new fob. Ouch!!! B.
  10. Thanks for the input. My car is a 2013 Tarusu SHO nonPP. I checked the battery with a tester and it was dead. When I was changing it, it is possible I got distracted and put the old battery back in. That's the only thing I can figure out. I got another battery and now everything is fine. Oh well, chalk it up to not paying attention I guess. Unless the new battery was dead also. I did not bother to test it assuming it was good since it was new after all. Thanks again, Bruce
  11. Hello All, I want to report my SHO is running great. She will need new shoes soon. Don't know what I am going to buy yet. When I got her serviced this last Saturday and the dealer said the rear brakes are needing replacement. The car has 53,000+ miles on her and not driven too hard. So I will take a look at that myself. Kind of odd they would need replacement that fast. The fronts I could understand, but the rears? The only thing is the spare 5 button key fob. The fob I usually use had a battery dying on me. So I got new batteries for both. I went to try the spare fob afte
  12. Nice. What is the size of these compaired to the factory pieces? Got more pics? Bruce
  13. Yes, the radio not working is a big PITA. The ambient lighting isn't that big of a deal. I just thought I would mention it. I guess I need to get ahold of the dealer, since the old girl has a couple of recalls already, and see if they have an idea of what it could be. Thanks, Bruce
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