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  1. I'd be tempted to try the K & N intake but I am worried about the temperature heating since it is male of metal instead of the airaid intake made of plastic... Any comments?
  2. They do look better in person and on darker cars imo. When the car is dropped, I actually kinda like them (but still prefer the 2010-12 ones). With 7 branches, they look less lime flowers.
  3. I wanted to go with my SHO, but my methanol injection is not priming sufficiently and I have an appointment to verify if there is not air coming in the pump at the same time... Anyways, last Thursday, I decided to make a change and went on a 1/8 mile track since my usual 1/4 mile track was doesn't open on Thursdays. I had a blast with my wife's Lincoln MKT. It only has a tune, but it was kicking ass that night! You can watch two little videos filmed from my iphone, so sorry for the quality. Not many cars were faster than the MKT that night. DA was 1600, around 80F, humid. I was running consist
  4. We are actually two that ran 12,09, but a few others ran 12.1's and 12.2's... FirstSHO Mike should run 11.8's on a cooler day. If Darell can get a grip, he'll run that too...
  5. I guess it is 2.058 Chris... 2.58 would be launching in third gear lol!
  6. HR springs and better tires, cooler temps outside and ideally go when thy put glue on the track. Good luck!
  7. 556 bro.. Traction again is a key factor. Mike, you had methanol which Brings your car near or over 500 hp... It narrows down the difference.
  8. Off the line because of your AWD you will own him until almost 1/8 me or 60-80 mph... After that you will get raped. On 1/4 mile your car should trap at about 108-110 mph, his at 120+mph. He has 556hp and your car has about 450. Your car being a AWD has more drivetrain loss so on highway you have less power at wheels. Finally, his car weights less than yours. So different league, but at the light mu money is on your car. Be prudent and report back!
  9. I never heard of dynamics dynos. That said, it is irrelevant to compare the two runs. You should have run stock and tuned on that dyno yesterday to compare. What matters now is once modded aith meth etc., what will be the numbers on that same dyno. Then you can kind of adjust those numbers depending on weather conditions of that day (it seems like dyno session was done with garage door opened). Finally, the best way to appreciate power is at the track. That doesn't lie. But again, you need to adjust for weather conditions. Don't worry bro, those machines aren't perfect and they differ a lot
  10. Shoman04, your car makes more than 297. They make around 280 stock. It ptobably makes closer to 340 hp.
  11. I was talking about the new Charger SRT8 6.4l. The jeep SRT8 usually runs around 12.9-13.2 stock with DA around 0. I that video if the SHO beat the Jeep with a 13.09, that means that with a better DA the SHO would have easily run in the 12's. I have been to the drags minimum 30 times with my 2010 and 2013 SHOs. I have raced all types of cars with my SHO having different mods and against Hemi and SRT8 in all conditions. With stock SHO, with good conditions, the 2010 was running mid to high 13's. With a tune high 12's and with meth low 12's. Hemi stock runs high 13's, tuned low 13's. SRT8 st
  12. I found a new video of my race against that tuned G-TR. It was filmed from the E63 AMG wagon that I have raced a few times that night. The guys' comments are funny. It took 300 m for that G-TR to catch up with me since I got a good RT. Enjoy! [url= ] [/url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zH2p1diAcI]
  13. My 2013 had 7000 miles on it before I tuned it... But that is because I got a demo with 6000 miles on it. But I would wait 5000 miles to be honest, just to make sure there aren't any new car bugs. That means in July, you should be ready for it... You can always order it now and it will be ready whenever you are ready for it. Enjoy!
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