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  1. BTW the car on the right in the photo has a 3-BAR MAP, 160 thermostat, and the Livernoise tune. The other one is stock. In a "contest" the Livernoise car just ran away from the stock one. (both are ecoboost )
  2. I have two original P1 Interceptors both 2014, one has 27k, the other 11k, the lower mileage one has never been in police service. Both have the ecoboost engine. I looked for almost 3 years for an interceptor with the ecoboost engine, then found two OF THEM. One has the Ford "ready for the road package" that has lights hidden in the grille and alongside the center brake light in the back window. (all disconnected) One of the cars has ballistic front door panels another 3k option. Ecoboost engines are rare in police cars, partly because it's a $3050.00 option. If you need any
  3. I have seen a lot of info on changing out the thermostat on the SHO ecoboost. Lots of mention of burping to get air out of the cooling system but there are no videos or explanations of HOW to do it. I know some cars have a bleeder valve, but I don't see one on a 2014 Taurus.
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