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  1. Well here's my dyno sheet from my little 2.0 EB. Blue - Stock tune RED - 93 Octane tune
  2. Busy day today.... First stop Alternative Auto for some dyno time! Pulls were in 4th gear.... Cobb Stage 1 93 v103: Here is the Cobb tune vs Stock tune: I then ran over to MRT... Made Scott cut open that stock resonator! And then finally, thanks to the great suggestion on another forum, I had Scott swap out my MRT banner! New banner works a lot better!!!
  3. Thanks! Now go test drive one and really forget about the Subaru!
  4. Yeah, i still can't believe the different the resonator swap made! oh... and....
  5. This was with the MRT exhaust (think muffler delete):
  6. Ok... Ok... Finally got around to dressing the tires today.... couple of snapshots....
  7. Yeah, can't wait for Saturday... I drove the ST more today and I swear it's pulling harder since we swapped the resonator... Scott going to cut the stock one open so we can see what the insides are really like... Congrats on the ST! Mine's an ST2 also...
  8. So we are all familiar with stock resonator.... well, here is mine... yep, was at MRT today and we whacked it out. Thing about the stock resonator is the chamber in the middle of it... you can see the area where the heat has changed the color of the resonator.... I'm not an exhaust expert but my understanding is that a chamber like that is NOT GOOD on on a turbo.. So... we replaced it with: This resonator does not have a camber in it like the stock one... We just test clamped it in first... Made a short video... unfortunately not my best effort... was
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