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  1. Booked into Motel 6, looks like it is very close to the Holiday Inn Express. Mike we should be able to hang outside the show without too much hassle!
  2. No luck, no rooms available.....
  3. Will try to book into the Holiday Inn Express sometime this weekend. Almost sure I would like to stay down for the entire event.
  4. mjhpadi


    Glad to have you join us. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Someone here will surely be able to help you.
  5. I believe you are incorrect about not needing back pressure. We have heard too many times that the modern engines and computers need back pressure to work correctly. Not sure I understand it, but seems to hold true. There has been too many times that people have reduced back pressure in several different engines and have seen performance decrease. Kinda like that none of the aftermarket CAIs work to improve performance. The best track times always come with the stock air box.....
  6. Dump your CAI and go back to stock, most CAI's reduce power and speed. If you want proven tunes that work without harm, chose either Livernois or Unleashed. Both are very good and proven winners. Don't even consider any others.
  7. Apparently you reduced back pressure with the catback and this caused a loss of power. I had the same thing happen with my 98 F-150. Never knew the newer engines required a certain amount of back pressure to perform correctly. It also may be you just need the tune to be customize to take in the catback.
  8. Hard to believe it is time to start thinking about The Ford Nationals in June of 2018. Just wanted to reminder everyone about the 20% discount if you register before Dec. 31st. Also just heard that BPD will be attending again this year. And we are hoping to have a good SHO presence in the downtown parade this year, so I plan on signing up for the parade, hopefully those of you who are going to be there will also do the parade. Now, go register and save the 20%!
  9. Glad you've joined us. The color of your PI is one of the more popular for Pennsylvania State Police.
  10. So hopefully some other host will see the stupidity of Photobucket and discover they can increase traffic and business with some inexpensive hosting.
  11. I really like how quiet the car is with the stock exhaust, and none of the aftermarket exhausts show any improvement in performance. The new downpipes are the real secret to increased performance with these cars. That said, I said I will replace the stock exhaust with a Borla when new exhaust is needed. Since Shelby picked Borla for his Shelby Mustangs, I figure if it is good enough and picked by Shelby, then it is good enough for me.
  12. Good luck with your search for the glass. Be sure to keep us updated.
  13. I bet if you take the measurements on a 14 you will find they are the same as your 11. And it wouldn't have to be a 14 SHO mirror, I am fairly certain that all models use the same size mirrors.
  14. The Ford exhaust is made by Borla, but is fairly pricey.
  15. Didn't realize that they changed the rear view mirrors. I do know when I broke the glass in the mirror of my 98 F-150, I couldn't purchase a replacement glass, had to purchase the entire mirror...and it wasn't inexpensive. If I remember correctly around $250.00. But that mirror did have the turn signal lights in the mirror.
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