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  1. It is the same as an SHO. You suck the old lubricant out of the fill plug. The fill plug can be seen from under the car. I am sure there are pictures of it floating around somewhere in the forums.
  2. I changed my annually and many others do the same. It is not difficult to suck the old fluid out and put new in if you are a do-it-yourselfer.....although it can be messy. If you don't want to do it, there are places that will. You might want to check around. It is good maintenance.
  3. Do you want an excellent plug and play tune that you can enjoy immediately without being involved in the tuning process? Or would you prefer to start out with a mild base tune, log the results, send the results to a tuner, receive a tweaked tune, and continue with the logging, sending results, getting tweaks until the tune is optimized? If you decide to go with the logging/tweaking process, do you want to learn what your car is doing, what tweaks the tuner is making and actually have a dialog with the tuner or do you just want to trust what they are doing and have no interaction with th
  4. I don't know why every time I try to post a picture here, it won't let me regardless of how tiny it is. Very frustrating. In any case, if they fit an SHO, they should fit an MKS.
  5. UH....if yours was different, it was not the original. The one Bpd posted is the one that belongs on the car. I had an MKS and am 100% familiar with the aeroshield.
  6. JimC, what you say makes some sense but what it the answer to the power loss and how can the OP correct it? Or, is there NO power loss and just a difference in testing???
  7. You really want a custom tune....not just what is loaded on a tuner. Unleashed tuning and Livernois Motorsports & Engineering are the two most popular choices. There are other good ones like Brew City Boost and AJP turbo. Livernois uses their own tuner - MyCal. About everyone else uses SCT. The first thing you should really decide is how involved you want to be in the tuning. With Livernois, you get excellent tunes with minimal effort - just simply a plug & play. Virtually everyone else provides a base tune and then you do datalogging to dial it in specifically for you
  8. I checked out their website. It appears that for just a bit more money, a custom tune from a reputable tuner could be obtained. I am not knocking this product but with several great tuners available for SHOs, I would feel better about using one of them. I don't know about the "5 more pounds of boost" claim but there is a LOT more to creating a strong but safe tune than just cranking up the boost.
  9. Agree....that VIN indicates it has the 3.16 gear. https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleSelection.do Engine: 3.5L DOHC V6 Petrol T/C Transmission: 6 Speed Auto Transmission 6F55 Drive: LHD 4WD (FTD) Axle Ratio: 3.16
  10. Cars with PP have the 3.16 axle ratio. If it has PP you should see the 2 in the axle code section when you look at the label inside the door jam. Axle Ratio Code • 1 - 2.77 ratio (Sedan) • 2 - 3.16 ratio (Sedan) •
  11. Based on comparisons of timeslips, it now is a bit quicker than my MKS was with the Livernois 4+X tune when comparing runs in similar DA. The MKS ran a bit quicker on a couple of occasions but the conditions were more favorable than any run that I have had with the Continental. The MKS launched better with no wheel hop and no drama. I would also say the MKS transmission shifted a bit quicker and firmer. However, the engine of the Continental is making more power. It also has the benefit of a 3.39 gear compared to 2.77 in the MKS so it will launch more quickly from just an idle.
  12. Typically, newer V8 Camaros give me all the competition my car can handle. However, the driver of this one either took a little nap at the starting line, killed the engine or decided to run to the concession stand for a snack after we staged. By the way, this was launching from basically an idle to avoid wheel hop. The 3.39 gear still gets it moving pretty good. This was my quickest run - 12.80 @ 107.9. https://youtu.be/DHUMJqOtBvc
  13. I ran the Continental at Brainerd Raceway last night and it ran well. I hadn't planned on running so the car was full of fuel adding unnecessary weight. It still delivered a good result....so dang close to the 12.7 range! I have bad wheel hop if I launch over about 1400 RPM. The video demonstrates that. It is a race against car 403 - a Mustang GT with intake and exhaust. My best run was launching around 1200-1400 RPM. https://youtu.be/vKhOQN_dHY0 Dang it! I don't understand why I can no longer attach a timeslip! It is a very small file!! Anyway, I ran 12.804 @ 107.93.
  14. Bamsho makes a good point. The PTU only holds around 18 ounces of 75W140 lube. It should be changed on a regular basis whether the car is stock or tuned. With my MKS, I changed it annually and never had an issue. Transmission fluid should be kept fresh, too. Regarding fuel economy, a tune usually improves it if you can keep your foot out of it. On longer Interstate cruises, my mileage was around 1-1.5 mpg better with the tune. The ignition timing and A/F ratio are better optimized with the tune resulting in more efficiency.
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