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  1. Id assume its like all the previous models, where regular gas just drops down the output of the engine by around 10hp or so.
  2. They dont list anything for the MKT, but for the SHO, you can just go to MetraOnline.com, they make dash kits for the SHO, so follow the link, click on the picture of the dash kit, and it will give you step by step instruction. But this only works for cars they make dash kits for. I use it at work all the time. lol
  3. I have airaid, and hear nothing on stage 4.
  4. Hmm, I have the No rear O2 tune, but no idea if I have the downpipe tune....
  5. just a couple weeks after I bought mine, I had a large rock bounce up and dent my hood, then do pretty much identical damage to the windshield. I just had mine repaired. still have the dent in the hood, I just filled it with touch up paint for now. This is the glass after repair, barley noticeable.
  6. This happened to me once, disconnected the neg battery terminal for about 2-3 minutes, reconnect, and it all worked again. Still had all my presets too.
  7. There doesnt really seem to be an "other" subforum, so this is probably the most General topic area. So I guess ill put it here. So, I seem to bring it up a lot, or at least I think I do. This has been my way to purge my bank account for the last couple months apparently. Things should be wrapping up over the next couple weeks so I thought id go ahead and share, and talk about it. I havent been doing a day by day thread on this website, since im not sure how much you guys care about bikes, but since its getting wrapped up here shortly, I figured id post it up. In a nutshell,
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