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    I've been a SHO enthusiast ever since my uncle showed me under the hood of his 1989 SHO just before I got my license. After graduating from college and getting a job I found a clean 1993 for sale and bought it. Since then I've owned a 1998 and currently have a 2011. It sits in the garage next to my wife's 2010 Lincoln MKT with EcoBoost.
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  1. Welcome! Since you have a 1991 SHO, you may not get much response here. This is the EcoBoost forum for SHOs from 2010 and newer. With that said, many of us have had older SHOs as well, and are car enthusiasts in general. Since your '91 is a manual transmission, it will not have a neutral safety switch. Those are only on the Automatic version. Instead, you will have a Clutch Pedal Position switch that closes the circuit when the clutch is fully depressed. Please clarify your comment "I can start it by popping the clutch but it just clicks a noise." Are you saying the car wil
  2. About 3 years ago I sold my 2011 SHO since in the 5 years I owned it I only put 15k miles on it. In the time I owned it I think I put more miles on my polishing cloth than I did on the car, and it was tying up valuable garage space. Well, I've somewhat regretted selling it ever since and just found an excuse to get a daily driver. I'm considering a 2013 MKS EcoBoost at a local dealer that is asking a good price for a 57k mile car. The car has a drop-in K&N filter and slotted and drilled brake rotors so I'm wondering if there's a chance the previous owner was an enthusiast and
  3. The auto-dimming mirrors are relatively fragile, so if your mirror has been smacked, even with the break-away feature, the seal between the LCD layer and the mirror may have been compromised, leading to darkening. When I've seen this happen on my wife's car, it's been mostly a darkening with a bit of yellowing mixed in, but when she smacks here mirror, she smacks it good. You don't mention what year your SHO is, and I'm not sure it makes a difference, but if I recall my 2011 correctly, turning off the dimming feature of the rearview mirror also turns off the dimming feature of the side mi
  4. I'm not sure that is matters, but what year is your SHO? Is it the cover for the cup holder that broke? -Rod
  5. I'm completely guessing here as to if this will apply to the SHO, but a lot of other makes and models of vehicles suggest removing the wheel well liner to access their HID bulbs. You might explore that option. Typically if you have a jack and jack stand, getting the liner out is not too bad of a job. Wear safety glasses as there could be a lot of dust and sand on the back side of the liner. -Rod
  6. The slot is for the fob (or fob with key), not for the mechanical key blade. The mechanical key blade can be used to unlock the driver's door but is not required for starting the car. -Rod
  7. How long did you wait to check level after pouring the oil in and letting the engine run for a few seconds? -Rod
  8. Are you sure it's the remote start solenoid that is clicking when braking and not the shift interlock solenoid that is clicking when braking? Is the starter motor engaging? I'm guessing not since you also stated that the system is working fine. -Rod
  9. I had the same thing happen last fall on my 2011 with the PP. I discovered it because one time started to loose air and it was at a fast enough rate I could hear it. I pulled the tire and found multiple cracks just like you found. I checked an all four tires had the same issue, only on the inside sidewall. My tires had less than 13k miles on them (original to the car). I do not drive the SHO in the winter and my heated garage never gets below 45 degrees F all winter. I replaced the F1s with a set of General G-Max tires and they grip fine on the dry pavement and are tons better than t
  10. I ended up replacing the actuator by myself. The part cost at the dealer was $22 versus the $25 for a Dorman part from the chain auto parts store. Replacing the actuator in the MKT is not easy (even more difficult than in my 2011 SHO) but it can be done without removing the instrument cluster. The trick for me was having a low profile right angle 1/4" screwdriver head. A thumbwheel socket wrench is useful too. I replaced the actuator last year just before Thanksgiving and the heat has not been a problem since. -Rod
  11. I suspect at a minimum the rear window motor assemblies would need to be switched out and dedicated power run to the motors. The rear switches would need to be switched out to allow the rear doors to activate the auto feature. The logic for the auto down is done in the motor assembly. -Rod
  12. You guys are lucky! Me, not so much. My wife broke the driver's side mirror on her MKT today (for the 4th time!) so I had a need to pull the door panel off. Yeah, this has become such a trend that I keep a spare mirror on hand. Anyway, part of pulling the door panel off means removing the power window switch. Guess what! The MKT also has auto windows for all four doors (like the MKS). So I decided to see if it would fit my SHO. I pulled the window switch assembly from my SHO and the MKT switch assembly plugged right in, no problem! However, when trying the windows, the front two
  13. When I printed the section to PDFs just now I noticed an extra sheet for the Taurus diagrams. The passenger side window wiring seems to be different for the SHO and Limited versus the SL and SEL. Apparently the SL and SEL get passenger auto down, but not Global Open for the passenger side. There's only one diagram for the driver's door which shows the Global Open and Auto feature for both front windows, but the switch and motor assembly for the passenger door on the SL and SEL look just like the switch and motor for the rear doors. I don't quite see how that would possibly work, but if tha
  14. Sorry for not following up last night. I ended up trying (and failing) to get a broken bolt drilled out on my Escalade last night so no computer time for me. I looked at the wiring diagrams for the 2011 SHO versus the 2011 MKS for the power windows. The logic for the window auto feature is controlled within the power window motor assembly. There would be no changes required to the Smart Junction Box (SJB - not a Driver's Door Module like I suspected) unless you wanted to include the rear windows in the Global Open feature, which apparently the MKS does. You would need to change
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