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  1. I agree with SHOdded…….. still a long ways yet to go! Congratz on the milestone! Now be sure to treat her accordingly. Good bath/detail. Change of fluids, etc. and she'll continue running like a top!
  2. Received my paperwork via snail mail the other day.Booth #170 on the main floor.Looks like I am required to roll-in 1 day earlier than I expected/requested. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as I'll presume (w/o having a map available yet to confirm) that I will be closer to the center of things, as typically, those who roll-in 1st, have better show floor placement, and the promoters then "build" all the remaining exhibitors/vendors around the outer perimeter and towards the outer rings/circles of the venue.By the way, seems that Saturday will be "THE" day (of the 3) to attend, as all of th
  3. Donald E. Stephens Convention CenterRosemont, IL.Friday March 9th thru Sunday March 11th, 2018The acceptance committee has confirmed the approval of my SHO to exhibit on the MAIN FLOOR, along with numerous other top quality, custom cars of all makes, models, and years.I will be in attendance for the duration of the event.Additional details can be found by following the link below:https://autorama.com/attend/chicago/Hope to see you there!
  4. Looks like it is a $104 part (# DA8Z-9910494-A) when ordered from here: https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-under-cover-da8z9910494a/?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9cmFkaWF0b3Itc3VwcG9ydCZpPUtEMDkwMjU1JnI9MTUmYT1saW5jb2xuJm89bWtzJnk9MjAxMSZ0PWVjb2Jvb3N0JmU9My01bC12Ni1nYXM%3D Hopefully that's of some help to you.
  5. Just thought to mention that hotels are filling up very quickly. I started my search by typing in the address of the fairgrounds (1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle, Pa.) and then clicked on hotels. Starting with all the ones closest to the grounds, appears all of them are already booked up. Geezuz. 6 mo.'s in advance and damn, full full full. So expanding my search a little further out, I found Holiday Inn Express located at: 1152 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013. I booked a room there just now. It appeared they only had less than a 1/2 dozen remaining o
  6. Hmmmm...... good question. Completely taking a stab at it..... I would guess in the $6-$8k range perhaps? Assuming that it's a complete motor, with all the related attachments, turbos, etc. Curious. How did you come across such a find? I would maybe try hitting up Livernois Motorsports as they do a lot of work with the engines themselves. They might desire a new one as you're offering. Maybe even try other SHO related communities as well, such as SHOForum.com and/or EcoboostPerformanceForum.com Good luck. If I didn't already have a custom built, long block race motor l
  7. I'm hoping that as the hotel plans unfold, that we are able to collectively choose a location that is much closer to the fair grounds themselves. Even if that means paying slightly more p/night. Loved the facility from 2017 that Brian Michael so graciously arranged, but the drive into Carlisle seemed a lil longer than desired, due in part to all the other cars also driving into the grounds as well. So let's see if we can all scope out a closer location for 2018.
  8. Because Photobucket changed their policies this past Summer (of 2017) and they no longer allow "3rd Party Hosting" unless each individual account holder ponies up an annual fee of $399. So essentially, anyone who has used Photobucket in the past, including myself, have chosen NOT to pay for this exorbitant, ridiculous, annual fee just to post pictures. Essentially Photobucket is holding everyone's images hostage/for ransom.
  9. Ford, as well as most aftermarket vendors, will undoubtedly make you purchase the entire assembly as mjhpadi explained. If you/re looking to replace just the glass alone, which is relatively easy to do as the glass is just held in retaining/retention clips, then you'll likely have to go to a junk yard / bone yard.
  10. There are some trans related TSB's that required reflashes, which might be affecting your stated issues. But as stated above, checking those stored CEL's in the ECM, will provide a sound foundation for what's going on internally. Get 'em checked out and proceed from there. Good luck in your efforts.
  11. Great find for sure! Especially at the price point Carmax provided. Door dings can be handled rather well actually, by an expereinced PDR professional. Wheels can be replaced. So minor things in the overall scheme of things. Good start on the mod list, exhaust, particularly a set of downpipes, will further enhance those mods you've listed. BTW, it's Livernois. no "e" on the end. I always laugh when I see that....noise. Ha. Be sure to stay on top of the routine maintenance, paying close attention to the fluids..... Oil, Trans, PTU, RDU, and since you bought it used, be sure to swap out
  12. Yea, stupid PB. I am still steamed over their recent policy change(s) that have essentially held all of their account holders pictures hostage, by requiring an annual, recurring $399 bill in order to 3rd party host. I hear there are some in the hacking world, that are trying to develop a work around to this. I'd gladly pay those entities let's say $200 a year if they crack it. But for PB to charge $400, is beyond ludicrous. I also heard recently that some have tried right clicking on each image, and contingent on your internet browser platform, you may have success in viewing them. Not
  13. A SHO with "lipstick"...... bwahahahaha. Now that's good stuff right there Maynard. Anyhow, to the OP... welcome aboard. Almost bought be a used one this past Summer myself, but the dealer didn't care to budge on the price, so since it was a replacement for the Wife, she chose to pick up a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited, loaded to the hilt, with every available option, including the panoramic sky-view roof. Sharp car. Enjoy yours, and your time around here.
  14. Have you tried trolling around here and seeing if anything fits? http://www.hrsprings.com/products/detail/trak You will likely have to get creative, and/or place an actual phone call to them, as I've found over the years that products listed for other cars, will cross-fit over to the SHO platform. My contact there, who used to work in the R&D Division, has since retired, and no longer works there. So I wouldn't know who to speak with anymore myself. Good luck though, and hope it's of some help to 'ya!
  15. It's a product that has been around for a while. Not really a lot of great reviews previously, and some have said it's also gimmicky. Although I think there was some rumor of one of the tuners out there, having rebranded it and tweaked it a little bit beyond it's original product release. Me personally, I would rather place my hard earned money into an actual tune from one of the platform's reputable, longstanding tuners of the platform, rather than placing this onto my SHO. As stated above, there's A LOT MORE involved in a quality, reliable, long lasting tune, than just simply
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