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  1. Well you might want to get ahold of Mark from VA. We maybe there only Saturday and not even sure on that. They know on FB to about me possibilty of not going.
  2. Awesome job Bruce. That is one hit rod Lincoln.
  3. Awesome run. Nice to see the new V11 tune working good. I'm waiting for Livernois to make a V11 meth tune, could be awhile.
  4. With the 4X+ tune, 3bar, downpipes, 160 Tstat you are looking at 440-450 at the motor. I ran those mods on my old 2012 and current 2013 with no issues. The tunes actually make the car more smoother to drive. Shifts are definitely more chisp. As for the PTU, that is a funny thing. Seems there are more stock running cars puking the PTU than tuned cars. I think that is due the guys with tuned cars are more maintance heavy with their car. I have well of 250 passes on my 2013 any all is good. I also don't go beating on my car daily either. So all depends on what you are planning to do with
  5. Instead if drunk dialing, you were drunk uploading, ????????????????
  6. Yep real PITA, take one card out, new one in. Barely broke a sweat. Think I need a beer. ????????????
  7. Oh Mike was boo hooing last light. Took him about 4 hours to update his. I just have to buy a newer SD card. About 30 sec to update maps.
  8. Usually your under when you buy these things. Bummer about your motor. Starting calling around to boneyards to get a price on a used one. http://car-part.com/mobile/index.htm
  9. Yes, two are good, two are marked up a little. Long story there. They are 20" rims. The ones on your car are the standard 19". So yes, you will have to buy tires too.
  10. Standard SHO wheels are 19", 20s are optional. PP equipped cars that was the standard wheel. I have a set of those sitting in my shed.
  11. Yeah Yeah, keep it up. She says "I'm magical', HAHAHA!!!!
  12. Got new best yesterday ay BSD. I bested my previous mph of 112, now its 113. Happened at 3pm in the afternoon Gotta love meth. Also matched my best E.T. too. Also Kris took the SHO for a pass too, she got her new best too. 12.52@110. Yeah she loved it
  13. Yep understandable. Glad your seeing improvements. Waiting for V11 meth tunes.
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