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  1. When where your cars built? Mine was built in March and I haven't received anything from Ford nor does the fordowners.com website say my car is part of the recall Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I think that explained in the owners manual... I also love this car for long rides...it makes my 2 hour rides home to Jersey from MD fly by vs the Mustang I used to do it in!
  3. You'd be lucky to get 14K for the car in a trade in! Even if you went private party, KBB is reporting $16K max for an excellent car.
  4. scott13SHO

    Forum issue?

    Since the switch to the new forum software, theres been an issue with the older topics not displaying newer posts for me? For Example, in this thread: http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/forum/ecoboost-taurus-sho-mks-forum/ecoboost-sho-mks-brakes-chassis-suspension/1353-caliper-covers-for-2013-sho-with-pp?p=51733#post51733 It shows it was last updated 6-15-2013 by mjhpadi on the forum main page, but when I open it up, the last post is from mjhpadi, but its from 4-06-2013. Also the SHO spotting thread hasn't been updated when I see it also, and I've even posted to it! Anyone else ha
  5. Not sure what his situation is, but in the long term its always better/cheaper to keep the car you have then it is to go out and buy another car, if the original car is running properly. I'm pretty ecstatic that my 2006 Mustang GT with about 120K miles on it is still worth about $9000 (according to KBB and using the worse case condition rating, even though its not) on a dealer trade in....so much so that its sitting in the garage next to the SHO
  6. Ford hasn't owned Kia in a LONG Time....it lost control of it way before they started introducing Ecoboost engines. From what I understand, the Ecoboost tech was developed partly by Bosch...
  7. How much? I've seen the process and it doesn't look that hard...but I'm not sure if I can fit the engine cover in my bathtub
  8. I was thinking of wrapping the engine cover on my SHO with the 3M Carbon Fiber wrap that they make...anyone else try this?
  9. Only thing we have against us is that its going to be the big 50 for the Mustang next year....
  10. Really? On the downside or upside (towards the Raptor drives/Road Course)? I was taking photos of the Euro Fords and Merkurs too! Only Taurus I saw was over by the other fullsized Fords that where from the 1950s...I'd be def down for a meetup next year!
  11. I'm having the same problem near the Map lights/Sunglass holder....it squeaks
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