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  1. fellas-my main admin key fob wasn't being detected by my engine to get it started so I've been using my backup key which works fine but now my reverse motion sensor quit working. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks!
  2. Tank had 3 gallons in it
  3. Well the recall nightmare is over-after my dealership kept my car the pretty much the entire day I get into it and my car smelled like two Exxon executives had sex in my back seat! The smell of gas was strong so I had to bring it back. After the gas was cleaned off the top of the fuel tank they sprayed some febrees crap to cover it up and sent me on my way. I had to drive down the interstate with the windows down and at night I would keep them open to air it out. My car still had the new car smell but now it's gone but thank god so is the gas odor! My advice is to tell your advisor to please
  4. Well my car will be in the shop next week for the recall-I am running it down to fumes so the job will be easier because the tank will have to be dropped. Good luck ppl!
  5. Got a recall letter in the mail stating that my 2013 SHO has a fuel delivery module that may leak over time. Has anyone else received this? It's code 13S04-I will call my dealer tomorrow.
  6. Same crap happened to me with 1800 miles-damn cement trucks are the worst.
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