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hello all, just some more pics of my latest lil mod,led headlights


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You're beginning to raise the mod bar there Anthony. :hail:


This latest one definitely catapults you into a new level that few others have achieved.


Now how are those mounted exactly? Inside the assembly, or out?


A few daytime pics would be appreciated.


Again, great job! :thumb:


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LOOKS GOOOOOD Casper,Are the LED RED or WHITE with tint on the len? And the hood intake are GREAT!!! BUT IF YOU GET ANY MORE PRETTY YOU'LL SLOW DOWN TO ONLY FAST AS bpd(HE TO PRETTY TO BE FAST,the car)LOL YOU LOOKING AWESOME!!!!! PS Go over to TCCA and vote for me, There is alot funny stuff happening on the "CAR OF THE MONTH" CONTEST will have you LOTFLYBO!!!!!!!!

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day time pics, mike i really hate to say but your making me and this EASY MOD sound very difficult lol, basically all i did was use clear silicone and good quality red led's and silicone them on the headlight house mounting so the led's were facing down into the light, and all that you see is the reflection of inside the SHO headlight reflecting these leds which when i was fooling around how or which way etc to put them on and once i saw this it was totally different and a no brainer i thought, most leds are along the side and bottom i just basically did it upside down,






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its a whole body kit around the whole sho, its from razzi, but u have to make some changes on it as the back bumper mainly is the pain due to its made for the reg. taurus not the dual exhaust SHO.





My Gawd, that is teh hawtness.


Is that an aftermarket lip?


Now you just need to make them blink in order from top to bottom, Knight Rider style, LOL.

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