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Did my 1st tire rotation @ 5000 miles. Surprised at the wear on the fronts.

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I guess I have been "testing" the new car out more than I thought. The fronts were a 1/32 lower (more wear) than the rears. Noticeable to the eye without the gauge.


So in short, if you do any spirited driving, make sure you are rotating your tires frequently.


I have a large air compressor, air tools, and decent floor jack in my garage. So his is a pretty quick job for me.

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This car though awd is still front wheel bias. So the front wheels are still doing most of the work with the rears only coming in just to keep everything under control. Unlike a Evo or STI where they have a rear wheel bias.


Yep, knew that. My Volvo was the same.


I miss the true all wheel my Audi had with Quattro. This haldex awd stuff is cheap.

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