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Winter protection

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I ordered a can of clear Plastidip (13 bucks shipped). This is NOT the glossifyer. This is clear Plastidip.


In any event, the idea was to use it during the winter as a "bra" as protection for the front end. Did a test spot last night. In person, it just looks like dulled paint. I plan to do the leading edge of the hood, mirror caps, and front bumper - then simply peel it off in the Spring. Poor mans 3M vinyl protection. LOL.



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That was my test area. I removed it this afternoon and I am doing the actual spray tomorrow.

I have clear 3M on the headlights, so I am not putting it on there. Even if I didn't, you would not want to put it on the headlights, as it would really negatively effect light output. I also would not want to spray directly into the grill, as it would get on the radiator. I am going to do the leading edge of the hood, and bumper. I am going to cover the grill area so that I do not get any overspray and I'm also going to cover the front bumper sensors before spraying. I may do the mirror caps too.

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If your MKS is built similar to the SHO, removing the black plastic between the grill and the radiator core support under the hood will give you pretty good access to the back side of grill. I was able to get my arms and a socket wrench in there to swap my grill Ford emblem. You could apply tape to the back side of the grill, spray your PlastiDip, then remove the tape.



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