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Vid with downpipes and Magnaflow.

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Here is a vid of me running with the downpipes through a tunnel. I cracked my sunroof to try and get the camera to pick up the sound better... With the windows down it picked up a bunch of wind noise, so this is the best I could do.


Video does not do the sound justice. Recently had my trans flushed and the guys at the Ford dealer were surprised a V6 sounded that good.



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Sounds really good to me! Now if only we could add a burbling sound at idle :)


Havent seen anything about cam development for these. With the power guys have made already it probably isnt even worth it. That said I love old school rumble sounds. For a while now I have wanted an 05-10 GT 4.6 3V so I could put the "hot rod" cams in it. Man they sound good.






Sounds good even on my iphone!

I'm always worried of what comes after the tunnel in that light... Lol


Steve that is my bad video work. When driving you can see the end of the tunnel, but the camcorder doesnt pick the light up till your 3/4 the way through. I should have had my lights already on as it takes them a few seconds to click on once your in there.


Dont worry, no little old ladies with walkers were harmed making this vid :)

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The new Coyote motors are able to have a tune put on that adjusts the cams for a rough idle. It sounds quite nice.


Yeah timbo they do. Think they refer to it as the ghost cam tune, sounds pretty good. I am assuming that come spring 2014 I will only be able to find 05-10 S197s that I can pay cash for. If I can find a 2011+ I dont need a loan for I will jump on it, just dont think I will have the money.



nope' date=' just swapped the cams.[/quote']


Sounds great! How hard was it to swap the cams? When it comes time I would like to do it myself, never done an overhead cam though.

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Can't see them. I don't have, nor have any interest in getting, a FB account.


You may want to try & post a video via an attachment, Youtube, or some other photo / video hosting site, rather than a social media site like FB so that everyone can actually view it.


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