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Satellite Radio Reception

double c

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Has anyone else experienced this type of issue. I am listening to one of the Sat radio stations and i pulol in for gas-under a canopy, shut ignition down, and proceed to fill. As I leave station all I have on radio is dead air. Takes several minutes and about 3/4 mile before it comes back on. Has happened last two fills at the same station. Never a prior issue at this location. Just time to reacquire signal from being blind? Could it be tied in with my phonebook not being able to download (different thread)? Will have to try another canopied station directly across road. AM/FM are fine. Does come back-but disconcerting.

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Mine's been acting up recently too..... like within the last 3 weeks or so.


I recall from previous vehicle which also had Sirius Satellite Radio, that I called up Customer Service and they just sent out a new signal to the receiver and that resolved the issue.


Perhaps try giving them a call as the symptoms you are describing sound like that's exactly what I had experienced.

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