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quad cities IL new sho owner


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Welcome aboard! :welcome:


Glad to have not only another new member here on EBOF, but also one that hails from my home state of Illinois :thumb:


Congrats on your purchase. I believe you'll come to enjoy your SHO as much as the rest of us have, and even more so once the mod bug bites.


A tune is definitely the best bang for your buck, and be sure to check in with our EBOF Supporting Vendor Livernois Motorsports.


Unparralled customer service beyond expectations!


Enjoy all of the info posted here thus far, as well as the great, friendly and knowledgeable members.


We all look forward to your experiences and involvement here.


Mike :yo:


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[ATTACH=CONFIG]1462[/ATTACH]Were supposed to get about 6 inches of snow tomorrow guess ill see how the sho does. Btw heres the other baby I work on' date=' sometimes I wonder if it is GM because it is so maintenance intensive.[/quote']


Now that looks like a maintenance hog for sure! Nice car for sure!

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