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I have determined the AUTO PARK feature to be worthless....

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I agree it is excessive luxury for most people. But the demographic that buys this type of feature Love features like this, to don't concern themselves with actually learning how to drive the car the bought so they love it, and ACC and auto braking too. Especially with the review camera parallel parking is a breeze, but i do use the Autopark for a laugh when i have passengers.

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It typically only takes me a few seconds to get it to engage. Once you find a spot you typically only have to pull right besides the car infront of your spot. The the system will begin.


My issue is with 1way streets you can't engage the system on the left! Other problem is low curb heights will cause you to drive over the curb. It's ok for what it is I use it to gauge if my car can fit into the spot.

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YALL SNOBBY 2013's! Us POOR(2010-2012) common man(no auto part), Complaining about RED or WHITE(NON FAST,FAST ENOUGH)CAVIAR(AUTO-PARK) When We can't even buy(not a opt)CAVIAR. JUST RUBB SALT IN THE CUT!!!!!LOL ROTF What a problen to have with our FORD!!!! TAURUS!!!!!!!! FORD HAVE STEP-UP IT'S GAME. And We all WINNER!!!!!!!HAHAHA I LOVED READING THIS POST!!!!!!LOL

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