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I believe someone posted (a long while back) that one of the things that rattle in that area is one of the connectors that is in the headrest that isn't attached. I would check that to make sure that's not the source of the noise.


Headrest? Do you mean headliner, where the wires could be accessed through the moonroof?

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Greetings and Happy New Year!

I have had a loose mirror for some time (way to go Ford!), drives me nuts. Mine is loose at the back of the mirror and it wiggles/blurs at speed and even to the stereo. I have not seen any other complaints about this other than yours. Any one else have a mirror issue?

I am stationed in Germany and hesitant to take it to the German Ford dealer.

Additionally, mine has the notorious "rattles" as well. These are documented in another thread. Mine are in the headliner (what was Ford thinking?), I have one dorectly over my head (I assume this is from the wiring to the interior lights), I have one over the passenger visor (main wire bundle) and now the seat has started to make noise! Again I am hesitant to take it to Ford here...


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