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Auto-locking doors?

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I was playing with the features but couldn't find what I am hoping the car has... Maybe somehere has?


Is there a way to set up the car to automatically lock the doors when the fob is no longer near the car? Reason is since I had a turbo timer set up on my last one I could walk away and the car would lock itself 30sec when the timer shut the car. I'm just not use to fumbling for a remote to click lock. Also seems sorta silly to have a car that needs no buttons pushed to unlock the doors or keys in hand to start it but you do to lock it doesn't it?:confused:

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Can't say for 13, but through 12, no such feature. You are describing a proximity set up. I wish we had this so the car locked when you walked away and unlocked if you were close by with the fob and pulled on the door handle. The trunk has a feature like that (at least on the MKS). If you have the fob in your pocket and want to open the trunk , you just hit the little hidden rubber button. Technology is there....kind of....

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Haven't looked for a proximity feature yet' date=' but you can press the square on the outer driver door handle to lock the doors.[/quote']


LOL... I know its just a habit I have of closing door, grab satchel from back seat, close that door then walk away. Lazy I be. :P


Guess I'll just have to get use to it till I get a new timer. ;)


Thanks guys!

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