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Fuel filter 2010 SHO

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While its hard to adjust to these new idea's, they aren't that new. My mother 02 Mazda doesn't have fuel filter either nor does the wife's 09 escape.


Honestly from what I know about cars, I don't see the need for 2 fuel filters. One inline and one in tank. Now I know what I've seen what pours out fuel filters before, but that crud isn't being pumped in from the gas station. It's your fuel system rotting from the inside.


Now just maybe automakers have addressed this with corrosion proof fuel systems and secondary inline filter isn't needed anymore.

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Not sure where all the dirt comes from, so I can't argue with you, but I do know several people who have owned gas stations that have said there is some crud in the fuel, and I was always amazed at the dirt that came out of a filter in only 15K miles of use. And that was in new vehicles, so I do have a hard time believing that all that dirt was coming from internally. Anyway, I kinda wish we did have a fuel filter that we could service without all the hassle of replacing an internal tank filter. You know we try hard to keep fluids clean that enter the engine, and it just would make for additional peace of mind to be able to replace the fuel filter on a regular basis without considerable hassle/expense.

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