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Staggered wheel set up?

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Does anyone out there know if it is possible to run a staggered wheel set up for the All Wheel Drive system on our 2010+ Taurus SHO's?


I am currently just in the very preliminary stages of reseraching an after market wheel package.


I have learned that the wheel offset for the 2010 SHO is 39mm with a 5x4.5" bolt pattern.


I also learned that the stock/OEM 20" wheels are 20x8.


Now I have heard varying opinions from locals near me that say you can run a staggered set up, and then I've heard others say that I cannot.


So therein my confusion on this subject matter lies.


What I was considering is something like this:


20x9's up front, with a 20x10 size in the rears.


Is this a doable scenario?


If so, please explain in detail why, or why not I would be able to roll with a set up such as this, including the necessity of change in tire sizes from front / rear etc.


Thanks in advance for the assistance. :RpS_thumbsup:



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This is definitely doable. The only concern I would have would be any clearance issues with a wider wheel/tire combo. Possible rubbing when in full turn on the front or rubbing on any components in the rear from additional 2". The stock tire setup with 20's is 245/45/20. I would probably run 275/40's up front & 295/35's in the rear. If clearance is not an issue, I would try to squeeze a 315/35 on it.


The important thing when going with a wider tire/wheel is to maintain overall tire diameter within 3%. As long as your overall diameter remains unchanged (<3%), you can run any width you want. I've always used 1010tires.com tire calculator to help with any tire changes.



Many cars come factory staggered. My SRT Jeep, which was AWD as well, came factory with a staggered setup 255/40/20 & 285/40/20. When I bought new tires, I upped the tire widths to 275 front & 315 rears without any issues. This width change was a very popular upgrade among the SRT community.

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The only real important thing in doing this is to get the tire RPM's front and rear, very similar. You should make sure that the MFG claim on diameter is the same. With my Drag Radials, I have the same diameter tires as my Conti DW's were when new.... 27.0". The DR's are 285-40-18" and the DW's are 255-45-18". I'm just running the bigger ones on the front! My DW's are on a 8" 40 offset wheel, which is about as high a number offset you can use on this car. The Nitto DR's are on TSW 9" 32 offset. They stick out about 1" more than the 40 offset wheels. The inside spacing is slightly more than stock, but not much.


The key to Fitment is both inside clearance with struts, calipers and other fixed parts, as well as the obvious outside fender arch.


Here is a link to an Offset Calculator that I use.




First stick the Stock Specs in, and then the specs of Rims you are looking at. Very accurate, but may not consider the shape of wheel spokes, and their intrusion on space taken up by brake calipers. An example of this is my G8 which has285 - 19"x9.5"-45 offset TSW Beyern Multis on rear. The identical wheel in 18" requires the brake calipers to be ground down slightly, to stop rubbing, even though offset is same.


On the other end of the offset spectrum, I purchased a set of Breyton Race CS for my other G8, that were 19"x9.5" - 35 Offset. TireRack said they would fit. Looked Great. However, one night I got on it really hard, and tire touched drivers side rear fender, pulling the lip down slightly, and cutting that 275 Bridgestone tire superficially. Others had even worse experiences with 275 Michelins on the same wheels. TireRack recalled those having issues.

I decided I wanted to keep the Wheel/Tires so bought a fender roller!


If you need a second opinion on anything, let me know. I have purchased dozens of aftermarket wheel/tire combos over the years.


Also, are you sure about the stock wheel width of 8 1/2"? I thought it was 8". It should be stamped or cast on the inside of the rim along with the offset #. Know it is on my 20" stock Flex wheels.


A great place to research wheels is on TSW website.

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I know some guys with the srt8 jeeps were running into problems with theirs. May be unrelated but worth looking into.


One of the issues was front tire rub on 275 tires on a dropped Jeep, when in full turn. I know H&R springs dropped lower than Eibachs (sounds familiar, right) but I dont know if there were any issues related to one or the other. I do know that once in a blue moon, I had tire rub on my 275's when in full turn while going in reverse. I had Eibachs on my SRT Jeep...

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I am paying attention to the replies posted thus far..... just kind of lurking in the background while performing my MOD duties.... (found another 5 spammer acct's in the last 24hr's).


Anyhow, I appreciate the replies thus far and if anyone else has more to add to the topic, I'm all ears..... err, ummm, I mean eyes :nerd:

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I'm looking into doing this, so I'll stay tuned into this thread. I have seen guys do a major neg camber on the rear to fit the wider rims/tires into the wheel wells on other brands of cars. Something I'm not interested in doing, I don't want to play with alignments or have tires rubbing so I'll stay with a stock tire size in the front and something slightly wider in the rear. Obviously I want tires with a exact diameter from front to rear so good rubber will be a challenge. I'm interested to see what you come up with as I'll be doing this in a couple months.

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Not that I'm gonna go with staggered wheels anytime soon, but I did do some measuring this past weekend and I brought some wheel spacers and wheel adapters home from work. I don't know what you guy's feelings are on about bolt on wheel adapters, but I think I'm gonna tackle it. Once I get a few things squared away, I'm gonna call my distributor and get a hold of some. I looked at the ones from H&R, but I think it needs more width than they offer. Stay tuned.

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Yea, it looks they rocked 2 sets of wheel packages.


Their 1st set up looks like they were 22x9's all the way around (the gold spoked wheel set up).


Then looks like later on, they switched over to a 20x8.5 up front, along with a 20x10 in the rear.


Pretty cool. Guess I now have somewhat of an idea as to what to roll with when I am ready to do a wheel pkg of my own.


I wonder if they used any spacers on the 2nd, 20" wheel pkg?


I'll have to shoot around a few emails and ask.....


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Well, this was in the article from H&R -

To achieve a taut performance look and make the wheel openings appear fuller, H&R TRAK + wheel spacers were fitted on the SHO’s wheel hubs. Made from a proprietary aluminum/ magnesium alloy, TRAK + wheel spacers are available in widths ranging from 3 - 65 mm, and can be used with stock or aftermarket wheels.


But I cant tell if they used wheel spacers for the 20's and the 22's?

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Unless the spacers have a hub flange... You won't have a hubcentric set up with spacers. Also... you need longer wheel studs, unless your spacers are thick enough to have them, which means that the wheels would stick out really far. Best way is to get wheels that have the proper offset to do what you want in terms of filling out the wheel openings as well as having plenty of rear clearance.

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There is another issue that needs to be considered... HANDLING. braking. & Performance. If you don't care about improving handling or losing some of the current handling,braking and/or performance, this will not apply. The existing wheels/tires weigh around 62 lbs each combined. 22" wheels/tires weigh another 5 or more lbs each. Also, this weight is moved further out from the hub, the larger the wheel size. This has the effect on wheel Horsepower and torque, due to it's effect on rotating mass.


That is why I went with smaller/lighter wheels & tires. Darreli's 20" tires are also slightly shorter than stock plus his TSW wheels are much lighter. Both our setups weigh roughly 48lbs a wheel/tire, though I have worn off 3 lbs on each tire over 25,000 mi! If I were to switch my DW's over to the 18 x 9 32 Offset TSW wheels, I would drop another 5 lbs a wheel/tire. The Flex would likely "look" better also, as my tires would be an inch further out, and would give an appearance of filling the wheel opening more fully.


If you do diligent research, and money isn't the only issue, you can have it both ways.

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WOW! Just Simply WOW!


I am counting my blessings and good fortune(s).


Not only has the recovery from my shoulder surgery been progressing better than even I expected, but the Surgeon's expectations as well.


My oldest daughter came home recently and reported that out of 861 students in her Freshman class, she is currently ranked #1 with a 4.7GPA.


My middle child is this/close to a State qualifying time in her Freestyle and Butterfly swimming events and still pulling all A's in her AP classes, and our youngest one is fast on the heels of her older Sister's by maintaining all A's in her AP classes and is progressing in her instrument and swimming as well.


What really sent me over the top was a completely unsolicited email from a friend of mine who works for a certain after market performance company with whom I had sent a few emails back and forth simply inquiring about wheel and tire combination sets and his opinion's on what would fit best for my SHO w/o any rubbing issues.


Well he kind of deduced from my inquires that I was anticipating (or at least contemplating) an after market wheel/tire package. So he answered my questions and it was left at that.


Well a couple of days pass, and he reaches out via email and tells me that he has three (3), slightly used Conti Extreme Contact DWS tires.....


Two (2) are 255/45R20's (which will fit my intended front, 20x8.5 TSW Nurburgring's).

One (1) is a 275/40R20 (which will fit my intended rear, 20x10 TSW Nurburgring's).


So he proceeds to tell me, "you pay for shipping from WA, and they're all yours".


Holy Sh!t was what I was thinking. Dumfounded, I replied to his email and asked if he was serious. He replied "Completely".


I couldn't believe it. Now he is somewhat familiar with how much grief my wife gives me when it comes to me flip'n money for my car "habit", and I know sometimes I make her out to be a monster (which she's not by any means) but he assured me that wives "keep us true" and I heartily laughed and replied "and they also keep us from going broke". Hahaha.


But anyhow, I kind of inquired how, or why rather, there were only three and wth happened on their end, etc etc?


He proceeds to let me know that in the course of dismounting these tires from a particular set of rims, only to proceed by re-installing them onto another set of rims, one of the tires (the larger 275/40R20) had been damaged in the process. Thus leaving them only with three. Scrambling they call up their supplier and learn that at that time, these particular Conti's were on back order.


So they ended up pull'n the trigger on a set of Pirelli's and chucked these into their warehouse only to collect dust.


So guess what ends up getting delivered by my favorite UPS lady this week:






Woo-Hoo! :jaw:




So obviously this will be a HUGE accelerator in offsetting the cost of obtaining both the aftermarket wheels AND then the tires for them accordingly.


I'll have to buy one new Conti EC DWS Tire in the 275/40R20 size for the remaining 4th, rear tire as it pertains to my application, but just wow.


SO not sure if others were paying attention to another thread recently (or not) but as long as EBB let the cat of the bag......


I have set my heart on the following wheel (in the sizes/locations as noted above) for my 2010 SHO.........


They are the TSW Nurburgring RF's in Matte Black and they look like this:








So HUGE kudos to both fellow EB forums member(s) EcoBrickBob, as well as Darreli for constantly hammering home the fact that the TSW's are a much lighter weighted wheel than the majority of competing after market wheels out there from which to choose from.


Their repeated explanations of rotational mass and the reduction of same by rock'n a lighter wheel/tire package (and all of the benefits therein) convinced me to take a real hard look at the TSW product line and select something from their company.


I like my choice and strongly believe it should compliment my overall black/white theme that I've chosen to employ with my SHO.


Just wanted to share my good fortunes as of late and although sometimes I question why things (of a negative nature) occur in life, I certainly know when to be thankful for those times when things are on the up and up.

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Huge congrats on the kids' accomplishments at school .... You must be very proud .... :clap2:


......glad to hear that the shoulder is coming around well .... hope it continues......


and finally good fortune on the tires......Not only will that save a pile of bucks, it will also give you an excuse (if you need one) to buy wheels to put them on.......:bounce:


Hope your good fortune continues -- 2012 is being good to you.



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First allow me to congratulate you for the great parenting job you and your wife are doing with your kids. I think a parent's greatest desire is to see their kids do well in their lives. By the looks of it, they are well on their way in doing that.



Two (2) are 255/45R20's (which will fit my intended front, 20x8.5 TSW Nurburgring's).

One (1) is a 275/40R20 (which will fit my intended rear, 20x10 TSW Nurburgring's).


What are the wheel offsets on your Nurburgring's? I've been eyeing these wheels as a future upgrade and am also interested in having a staggered setup.



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What are the wheel offsets on your Nurburgring's? I've been eyeing these wheels as a future upgrade and am also interested in having a staggered setup.


I won't be purchasing the wheels anytime soon. Even with my good fortunes on the 3 tires I recently received.


I have enough coin put aside to pay for the installation of my meth kit & FRS gauges (scheduled for this coming Monday the 12th) and i'm also keeping some $$ tucked to the side to pay the remaining balance on those catless down pipes (hopefully sometime in April now from what I'm being told).


Then I gotta save/put some $$ to the side to pay for a custom tune from LMS during my vacation time this July).


Plus there's a few interior things & accessory exterior lighting I wanna do in the interim as well..... all this sh!t adds up (and quickly at that).


It doesn't help that i'm not able to work any overtime or off duty side jobs / details etc.... so my standard salary is all i'm banking currently and returning to a light duty status only beginning March 21st will ensure that my normal pay will ALL I continue to be earning for some time to come.....


But anyhow, I plan on ordering both the front & rear rims in a 40mm offset which will (or should) provide me enough clearance.


Especially on those rear 20x10's with the tire sizes i'll be using.



Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk

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