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ST3 replaces SHO

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2013 tangerine scream ST3 with moonroof replaced my 2010 tuxedo black SHO w/ pp


Not much to say other than this thread is what forced the decision



So as this site is more dedicated to the V6 ecoboost, I still have a place here. But I will be moving to a more specific forum for my new ride. One day I will either get back into a SHO or Explorer Sport, financially not anytime soon. Definitely will stay up to date on the details of 2013+ rides via you guys here! I wish the other site was as well set up as this one............


p.s. will be setting up items for sale soon. most likely local pickup due to my re-location/family separation. stock 20" wheel/tire with aesthetic damage. First run (never installed) center speaker gauge pod with printed face, probably SCT X3 with Torrie Tune. Gotta check with him for tune transfer

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I love it, other than the extreme wheel hop and engine to firewall slam from hard shifts. I have been reading that the rear engine mount needs to be upgraded. This will obviously be my first mod!


As for pictures, need a good location to snap a few. The driveway does no justice, :P


Yeah, the first time i experienced the 1-2 SLAM was on the test drive! Scared the CRAP out of me!


I have the JBR 80a RMM. I still get the bang, but it happens less often and when it does happen it is way less severe... instead of a BANG! it's more like a thud... It also helped reduce wheel hop / improved traction.

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