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Adaptive Cruise Control and Trains. WARNING

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We went on a 450 mile round trip this past weekend and one of the roads we were driving along happened to be right next to a train track. When we got next to the train by collision warning system started going off and the Adaptive cruise control greatly reduced my speed.


Anybody ever have that happen before? I have a feeling that the train was putting out a radar signal that was screwing with the radar on my car.


I now know that I will want to turn off the cruise control when I am around a train or possibly even a tractor with radar (will try to test that out at the farm)


So if you have ACC and are near devices with Radar be careful because the car will slow down rapidly.

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My observation with mine has been the object needs to be pretty much directly in front of the transmitter for the ACC to slow the car, so the notion that the train may have been spreading its own signal makes sense. We know you weren't driving down the train track meeting the locomotive!

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I haven't had anything interfere with the signal other then when I was in some heavy rain with water on the road, and I got some sort of a warning that the radar was blocked...but that was only a few months after I got the car and I have not had that warning since or had any problem with the radar picking up a false signal.

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