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Rear Sway Bar?

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But, like I said, expressing interest here (within the forums) doesn't do jack diddly do other than perhaps letting fellow owners know that there are others out there, also desiring a similar mod.


This is akin to me pestering Mobsteel time and time and time again to produce their matching upper / lower grilles.


I bombarded them with emails, phone calls, and had others do the same.


I'm glad to say it worked, and they produced them, and have had a decent amount of sales for them (thankfully).


Y'all have understand, especially in today's economic environment, small to medium size businesses (hell, even large one's for that matter) are NOT going to even remotely consider a new product application w/o seeing enough interest and/or potential sales, yet alone dumping the money into the R&D'ing if the captured market is small, or not profitable.


So heed my suggestions, and EACH of you need to begin opening some sort of dialouge with potential vendors in regards to this matter.


Then report back and keep interested owners up to date with your findings.


Even post up who specifically you might've spoken with, so that others can follow up with the exact same person.


If there's a will, there's a way...... just be persistent about it and good things will eventually head your way.


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I find the car pretty balanced. Making the rear tighter with a swaybar will cause the rearend to be quite skittish and have off throttle oversteer...a lot. It's not as much of a problem with the FWD bias on the AWD system, but it doesn't help when it's real crazy. I've run setups with thick front and NO rear swaybar and have been quite happy.


I hope someone starts making some good poly bushings for this thing. That would help in a many more ways than a swaybar upgrade.

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No problem' date=' Darrell and I have the power for 11's, just no traction, so my focus was to look at what the front drive guy's are doing and develop something for our cars. After several months of investigation and calls, I may have something that will work.[/quote']


Awesome Mike! I can't wait to see and hear of what you have!

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