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Twin Turbo V6 fun... not EB though... GTR Video

Livernois Motorsports

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Earlier a friend of mine stopped by with his new GTR. It has a few small mods... but I was amazed with the power. We couldn't use launch control because it was about 32 degrees outside and we didn't want to lose control.


Here is a short vid I did... it's quick, but definitely feels quicker from the passenger seat than driving


Watch the digital speedo on the screen above the climate controls





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Off the train my car was 4185lb(I order it) at the track w/ 1/4tank, every loose thing out my car is only 4165lb vs 3920 for the GTR only 245lb drifferense. SORRY ABOUT THE VIDEO But this is at a SCCA AUTOCROSS. PRO-STOCK VETTS WERE RUNNING 49sec laps the SHO(w/ rooky ME!!!!!!!) ran a 56sec. It's a GREAT 4DR SUPERCAR.:first::RpS_thumbsup:



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