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Broken or Cracked Windshield? This is the most likely culprit!

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Just had my windshield replaced on my 2010 SHO back on Veteran's Day due to a small chip (thought at the time it was a rock chip). The chip ended up spreading into a 12" long crack on the passenger side of my windshield before I saw it (ran through the black band base of the windshield right at the hood). Both the dealership and glass repair thought it was a rock chip as well, but I found out otherwise today. While I was at the gas station cleaning my windshield I went to pull down the wiper and the blade came completely off (really nice quick release Ford engineered) of the control arm causing it to slap the windshield. Now I have two nice little cracks that have spider-webbed out (probably to big to repair). I'm just leaving this here as a heads-up to any owners who haven't experienced this yet, or have chips and cracks next to the windshield and couldn't figure out the cause.


Make sure to grab the control arm if you have the wipers up and if you're replacing the blades you might want to lower the control arm so it doesn't inadvertently slap the windshield and crack it (Ford's sage advice :mad2:)



P.S. I know this may have come off as a "duh" post, but I've never had this problem with any of the other cars I've owned and I've heard a lot of F-150 owners that they were experiencing the same issue in the same area but couldn't find the source of the problem.

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