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Pics of my new baby!

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Thanks. I gotta admit, I gotta get used to the digital dash. Its cool, has a good wow factor, but it has some things about it... It just seems weird to have the rpm gusher in digit. Maybe just me... Maybe just needs getting used to... I dunno. Other than that ours pretty cool.


On my Ford touch... WAY MORE INVOLVED than regular sync I'm my sho. So much more to learn.


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I'll bet the digital tach takes some time to get comfortable using. I know with our dive computers, I still struggle to interpret all the information shown on the computer...comes from diving for a lot of years with analog gauges...I imagine that older pilots have the same problem when they switch from analog to digital instrument panels. Probably just takes a little time to get the hang of using them.

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LOVE the pics :hail:


I just wish I could convince the Wife into buying one.... :frusty:


She's content with the SUV she has now though.


Who knows :noidea:


Thanks for posting though, I suppose, much like the F150 owners, i'll be relegated to living vicariously through each of your experiences for now.


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