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Seeking some opinions on some wheel possibilities.

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Ok, so, I am the proud owner of this beautiful baby here:




I plan to do a fair amount of modding to her in the upcoming year, covering both performance (intake, exhaust, tune, lowering springs) and aesthetic (body kit, something with the wheels, window tint, maybe some other minor stuff).


I like this body kit here, especially how it gets rid of the ugly ABS plastic lower body cladding and makes the car look more sleek, and you can see how the kit looks on the car in action in this video here:[video=youtube;4K2XspCqDn8]


The car is also lowered in the video and I think in general looks pretty slick, even with the stock wheels, which brings me to the actual main purpose of this post.


I've always been a fan of a nice, clean five-spoke wheel, and to that effect I found these: American Racing Maverick that nicely fit what I'm looking for and look pretty good on the car, as rendered here:




The alternative would be to get my current wheels PVD dipped to get me the chrome look I so desire.


The simple solution is to just get the current wheels PVD dipped as it will be cheaper and will not leave me with two sets of wheels. A second set of wheels would allow for winter vs. summer tires (but of course that means additional expense on tires) but I've found all-season tires to be sufficient for the winters where I live and I'm not looking to track the car or do anything more than have a nice cruiser that may see the drag strip a couple times a year, so I'm not sure the cost-benefit ratio of having a dedicated set of summer tires is there.


Anyways, I figured I'd toss it out to my fellow EBO's to get some opinions on this cold winter day. None of this is happening until early March at the soonest anyways, so there's plenty of time to dream.





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