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Larger Intercooler?

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Back when I had a NEON SRT4 and did mods and upgrades, we would install a new 'better' larger intercoolers which brought about performance increases. Just wondering how this car would react and checking thoughts about this.


Example: http://www.turboneonstore.com/customer/product.php?productid=647&cat=16&page=1

Ofcourse this was for the Neon ....

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Since the intercooler for the SHO is in the front bumper you'd have to concider how much space was actually there. The SHO intercooler is isn't shaped like the SRT, EVO or F150, so it isn't as easily upgraded. For '13 PP there is a larger radiator, that takes up more room. Here's a diagram of the EB3.5 engine/intercooler setup. If we had the room a thicker intercooler would be a great help.




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Space is at a premium already and from what I've read removing the radiator, inter cooler and the condenser is a real pain. And has to be remove as one assembly.

I've heard the inter cool in these cars is pretty efficient, but with methanol temps drop well below ambient temp.

I think if where to add a inter cooler I would a water to air cooler.

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