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First time running the SHO at the track


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I took SHO to the 1/8 mile last night and i ran a best of 9.1670 @ 78.21. Thats not bad...works out to about 14 flat in the 1/4. I have seen others run a few tenths faster but this is a non performance package car. But i ran 3 times and won all 3. I raced a 2010 evoX first and ran a 9.2160 @ 77.16. Then i ran a 2010 Camaro SS and ran a 9.1670 @ 78.21. And the last run was against a 300c with a Hemi, and i ran a 9.2018 @ 77.55. I am VERY happy with how consistant this thing is. Not making excuses but these were also all hot laps with no cool down time and it was prob 80 degrees...so its possible with cool down time between runs and if it was 10 degrees cooler i might have broken into the 8's. AWESOME!

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When you get from the street directly on the track, your tires are hot but the wind on the highway keeps engine cool, so that is why you can experience better times that way.

Very consistent car indeed, perfect for bracket racing.

If you want to make it into the 8's, every 10F cooler is about 0.1 second faster.

Try to go on a windy day (tail wind for sure lol).

You make sure that you have your car the lightest possible (low gas, remove spare tire, all stuff in the car etc.); every 100lbs is about 0.1 second faster.

Make sure your engine is cool, but tires are hot, so leave it cool down with ice on intake (hood open) and when ready, after an hour let's say, drive around in the parking lot with pressing too much on gas not to heat engine and do zigzags to warm up tires.

Launch doing a brake/torque at around 2000 rpm.

So, you still have room to improve your time and 8's are definitely possible.


Finally, if you lower your car with spring (which doesn't affect your warranty if ever you don't want to get a tune), that can shuffle off a tenth on the 1/8 mile.


I ran a 13.56 completely stock with only H&R springs last year. That translates to a 8.69 on the 1/8 mile.


All above factors were reunited, so there is another 0.5 sec. or so to improve... but in Houston Texas, good luck getting a night in the 40's!

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yeah...in Houston we have MAYBE a couple of 40 degree days. You know what they say about Houston weather...if you dont like it...wait a minute...lmao. Yeah the runs were with a 1/2 tank of fuel i believe and my spare and some stuff in the trunk. I was launching at about 2k. Im happy with the nnumbers...like i said I was looking more for consistancy then speed. I understand being a completly stock non-pp car I didnt expect to break into the 8's with all the conditions of that night in consideration. But I may try some of those tips next time around. Thanks for the advice!

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