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Another New 2013 SHO Owner :P and couple Qs


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** Pics below :P **


Picked mine up almost 2 weeks ago, 2013 White with PP. Someone in a Ford F250 cut me off New Years Eve in my Rx8 causing me to avoid him but not avoid the wooden center divider on the freeway. 15k in damages later and 6500 cash from insurance and enjoying this car much better. Rx8 was fun to drive, but about a year after getting it I started having back issues, became disabled and driving a stick was not easy when you have back issues.


Insurance actually was paying for a rental car of which was a Taurus Limited (which I didn't really care for but was easy to get in and out of with my bad back). I was actually was looking at newer muscle cars and liked the sedan type seating in the Challenger over the Mustang, but liked the Seats in the Camaro over the Challenger. Went to dealer to check out new Fusion and try and possibly find a Titanium AWD version of it, of which 7 exist in the US on dealer lots lol. Saw the SHO in the showroom and was surprised at the new 2013 changes in looks went home and researched all night and went back and bought it the next day. Been very happy since.


I do have a couple questions (prob more toward LMSRick) to the few of you that have done some mods.

1. I would love to get everything I can out of this, I am by far a power whore and 365 in 4400lbs is not enough for me. Already planing on a Livernois tune, 93oct available here and 91 is lowest I would ever put in it and that's only when i visit relatives in Cali. Would a CAI,Downpipe,Exhast make a big difference with the tune? Has anyone done all of them? Assuming doing all that work what is opinion on thermo? Manditory or Suggested.

2. Anyone who has done Eibachs or H&Rs how is the ground clearance? The stock wheel gap is GIGANTIC but I don't want to scrape everything to remove it. The car sits high enough it's great for me to get into and out of and I doubt an inch or so in drop will change that dynamic but I really don't want to have to watch all speed bumps if it's that low.


Also wondering if anyone who owns this notices the what I am assuming is the turbo respooling when you let of the gas and punch it again there is a split second where it seems like the car wants to die, then pulls hard out of it.


Anyways, thanks again for having me and answering some Qs :P




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:welcome: First great looking car and glad that you have joined us. I hope I can help answer your questions since I am also somewhat disabled (bad knees and 4-5 operations on them). First your question about the tune and other options: Without a doubt the tunes from LMS are the BEST performance increase you can do. I don't think anyone will debate that fact, it makes the car really wake up and turns a good car into an incredible car. As far as the CAI, most of use have the Airaid, because they have supported us and have also been great with customer service. I can't say that it really increased the performance to any noticeable degree, but it did improve gas mileage slightly (.1-.3mpg). I think the CAI really improves the underhood look of the engine compartment and I also recommend getting the pre-filter when you get the CAI, it does a wonderful job of keeping the filter much, much cleaner. As far as exhaust and downpipe, I can't address those since I have not changed them, but from my understanding, the aftermarket exhaust do improve the sound but again not much difference in performance.

BPD can talk more about the springs, I have not changed mine, simply because I'm afraid that even lowering the car an inch or 2 would increase the problems I experience getting in and out of the car because of my knees. I will say the H&R springs give the car a really nice look, and if I had no physical problems, I would have them in a heartbeat. I don't believe anyone has experienced scraping issues, although again BPD can give you more detail, since he has also when to a wider tire.

Lastly, it seems that the 170 thermostat does help performance a bit, but in order to take advantage of the lower temp, it also needs the correct tune from LMS which reprograms the fans to turn on at lower temps to take full advantage of the lower temp thermostat. Hope this helps. Again, glad you've joined us!

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I really want to start with a kinda "full" upgrade, kinda do everything I can at once. Maybe it would be more cost effective to drive up to MI and have LMS do everything. Growing up and always having sports/high performance cars, I just need a bit more out of this car. So far getting in and out has been very very easy on my back, given how high it sit's I really don't think 1.5-2" drop will make a huge difference, as I said my largest concern is scraping. We have a lot of very high speed bumps in the area as well as some steep driveway grades into and out of businesses. I really want to find a place that may want/need to do some custom/exploratory work on a 2013 or matching parts for older 4th gen SHO. Would love to see 500+HP at the motor, and at least 400+ AWHP. Car so far has been an absolute blast to drive, just kinda a power whore I guess :P

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I really want to start with a kinda "full" upgrade' date=' kinda do everything I can at once. Maybe it would be more cost effective to drive up to MI and have LMS do everything. [/quote']


I am going this route, work will be performed Feb 21/22. E-mail Andy Ricketts if your interested, he will set you up with an estimate and you can go from there.



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If you want the most power you should consider a meth kit too.

I have the Eibachs and they lowered the car an inch all around. It looks and drives much better, but the rear still seems a little high. The ride is firmer, but might be the same as the PP springs. It only scrapes the front lower spoiler when there is a big dip going from a parking lot to the road.

I had the momentary die/takeoff when the car was stock a couple of times, don't know if it was engine or trans though. It hasn't occurred since the LMS tune.

Whether you upgrade step by step, or all at once doesn't really matter as long as you have a goal in mind. have fun with your new ride!

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