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Magnaflow 15218

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I was looking into it, but heard it is not released till February. Mid Feb I believe.


I've had one on order from Summit for a while now. I keep checking the Magnaflow web site and it has been pushed back until 3/8/13. While I was talking with the tech department, they said there is a X-pipe built into the front resonator of the Magnaflow exhaust.

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Has anyone installed this on their Explorer Sport? Any difficulties with fitment' date=' drone or any other issues? Looks like a nice exhaust for $600.00 from hotexhaust.com.[/quote']


They must have changed their prices, now it's coming up at $806.55

That is still $300 cheaper than the one for the SHO, I wonder why??? They look verrry similar.

Although, they list the shipping weight for the Explorer @44lbs and the SHO @70lbs, hmmm

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Was just over on the Explorer Forum and ran accross the "Magnaflow15218" thread, member has stated and confirmed this is not a true "bolt-on" application and was not designed for Explorers with the trailer tow package option. This does not bode well for me personally, because I have the Trailer Tow package and its a lease, so was hoping for a "bolt-on" product after the cats. Hopefully they go back to R & D and redesign.

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Was underneath the Explorer Sport over the weekend to invesigate the exhaust, from what I saw, after the "cats", one forward of the engine the other aft. pipes to a single flange centering the pipes side-by-side, then is looks like some sort of isolator, then bolted flanges to middle resonator pipe, then muffler to tips.

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