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Alignment Issue w/ HR Springs

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I have had the H&R's installed for about a year now.. I have noticed some tire wear and looking at the rear end from the back, the wheels are bowed in at the top.. I have the 81280 camber bolts installed and had it aligned when it was lowered. I went to the dealership today and they told me that they cannot adjust it within specs because of the camber bolts. They said that I need a spacer or wedge in order to get it perfectly aligned.. Has anyone else had this issue??? is there an additional part that I can get to help out with this issue??? Please chime in on any additional details/information you might have...



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No addt'l parts necessary.


I already answered your PM prior to you posting this....


That said, I am confused in the aspect you report you had it aligned previously (and I'll presume all was fine at that time?)....


But now OE specs can no longer be obtained?


If you look at my original "How-To" thread on the bolts, post install / post alignment spec sheets readily display OE specs obtained (w/o the need for any addt'l parts).


I suspect your Dealer's Service Dept is just taking the easy way out by not wanting to jerk around with doing your alignment properly, by scaping out and claiming / blaming the after market items as being the alleged culprit (to no longer get you back into OE specs).


Take it somewhere else.


I still haven't had any issues since my install, and I get my car aligned once a year.


Good luck :thumb:


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