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2013 World Of Wheels Show - Chicago, IL.


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Just wanted to take a moment to let those of you anywhere even remotely in/near/around the Chi-Town area, that I have been invited to attend this year's 2013 "World Of Wheels" National Car Show being held the 1st weekend of March 2013.


This event is being held at the Rosemont Convention Center, located in Rosemont, IL.


Here's a link to the show's official homepage and necessary info -------> http://www.autorama.com/?page_id=241


Although this is a 3 day event, I am choosing to enter into only the "Tuner" portion of the show, which is one day only, being held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 ONLY, from 10am-10pm.


Info on the specific portion of the show I am attending can be found here ------> http://tunergalleria.com/registration_form.aspx


Thought I'd make y'all aware of the event so that those who choose to attend, can come catch a glimpse of not only my car on display, but also several others that are incredibly well put together as well.


Please post here if you think you'll make an appearance!


Mike :yo:

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Well, one week to go, and looking ahead at the upcoming week's forecast, I planned ahead and was lucky enough to get access to a covered trailer.


So in other words, 2-3 days worth of top to bottom, inside and out detailing won't be for naught had I been forced to drive to the facility.


So I'm pretty stoked I'll have less cleaning to do once I arrive.


Hope some y'all can make it out.


I've reserved a room at the Hilton Embassy Suites for Friday night only as it's directly across the street from the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (Rosemont,IL.)


There oughta be a literal TON of out of this world vehicles on display......


It'd be worth the trip. I know I'm look'n forward to it.

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Covered trailer should be arriving at my driveway here shortly......


Well worth it given the almost 24hrs (literally) I've invested into detailing, cleaning, the entire car from top to bottom, front to rear.


It's snowed almost everyday this week, and flurries are still coming down now. So to arrive at the venue still clean, will be a blessing.


As a side note, I thought it interesting that Super Media Outlet WGN Channel 9 Chicago News was broadcasting live from the Convention Center, all morning (today).


Here's a link to the coverage and there's a video contained with there as well. Enjoy :thumb:


Link located here -------> http://wgntv.com/2013/03/01/30023/



Wish me luck and either way, I know I'll have a blast. They reported over 700 cars alone (not counting other modes of transportation).


WOWZERS! :crazy:

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Lot of beautiful cars here.


Typical ricer, tuner cars, along with Domestic models that are modded.


Have had quite a bit of interest thus far as no one's really seen a late model Taurus SHO up close, yet alone one like mine with it's laundry list of mods.


Lots of questions, lots of compliments, and i've been pleasantly surprised thus far.


So good feelings up front, we'll see if that carries over to the judging crew(s) tomorrow when they go around critiquing each owner's rides.




Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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BEST FORD goes to....... bpd1151 !


Well just got home from the show. Certainly was an incredibly long 4 days of prepping, detailing, loading, unloading, and being on my feet for hours on end.


But it turned out to be well worth the effort as I took home the..... TOP TROPHY for the category of "BEST FORD"! :first:


:high5: :thumb: :eyebrows: :faint:


Along with that I earned a $500 certificate from AEM Intake Systems, and a certificate from R1 Concepts for free performance rotors and brake pads.


Now if I only had held off for 4 weeks on purchasing my Power Slot Rotors & EBC 'Yellow' Pads. :doh:


But how was I supposed to know my fortunes would've have turned out so well? :noidea:


Anyhow, I did manage to snap off a bunch of pics and what not (about 120 if I recall correctly) and I will create a new thread for those, and post the link here for those that might skip past it..... but keep in mind, there were almost 700 vehicles alone on display, not counting the motorcycles.


OMFG this show was HUGE! 2 solid floors of wall to wall outright incredibleness as far as show cars go.....


Lots of really cool, great looking models there as well, and yes I got pics of them too.... however what disappointed me the most was that while the Official Lingerie Show was going on (on the main stage) the judging crew was critiquing my vehicle, and I was obligated to stay with them and answer any questions they had, etc........


Ggggggrrrrr....... the old man upstairs was plotting against me I tell 'ya...... :frusty:


But just wanted to take a quick moment to share, and now I'm beat, head'n off to bed as I have to work tomorrow night.


I may try to get the pic thread posted up tomorrow, or perhaps Monday. We'll see how it goes.


Thanks for reading. :bounce:






While waiting for my pics thread to be created and posted, in the interim, feel free to check out some of pictures captured by my photography pals from HK Media at the link below -------->



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I knew it Mike, you rock!


I'll go see the pics tomorrow... Me too should be sleeping.

Good night and let's dream of that other show on the other floor!

Edit: ok ok, couldn't wait!

Bunch of nice cars indeed!

Few nice girls too lol

I saw a few wrapped cars... I bet they aren't DD.

That is also why your car is even more diserving Mike. It is very difficult to maintain beauty when using the car as a DD.

Great job again!

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Congratulations on your well deserved trophy.


It was a pleasure to meet you and see your ride in person.


Your painstaking attention to detail and choices of quality mods really paid off. Even among a massive display of truly outstanding cars your SHO really stands out.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...... :hail:


Not only for the accolades, but for also having taken the time to come out to the event!


It was a real pleasure speaking with you and I hope you enjoyed the ENTIRE show :thumb:



BTW....... Official Thread for all the pictures I captured, is located here --------->



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Congrats buddy' date=' that is awesome to take home the gold with that many cars there, (next time bring your camera buddy to get the lingerie show for u and us :)[/b']



I did bring my camera. I only missed the lingerie show due to the judging team having been at my car, while the show went on.


Images can be found here, within this thread --------> http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/showthread.php?1827-2013-World-of-Wheels-Tuner-Galleria-Show-Pics-Thread

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