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Front brakes require TSB 10-17-03 AGAIN after 21,000 miles?

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At 21,000 miles I had TSB 10-17-03 performed (FRONT BRAKES - INTERMITTENT GRUNT OR GRINDING NOISE ), At 42,000 the problem is back.


Since I am out or warranty now, I want to address the issue myself. If the pads or rotors are the problem I will upgrade them. Suggestions welcome on aftermarket upgrades.


But, mostly I am wondering if anyone knows what role the Brackets (BG1Z-2B292-A Right Bracket SHO and SHO PP & BG1Z-2B293-A Left Bracket SHO and SHO PP) play in this problem?


Will these need to be replaced again? Or is this simply a matter of lubing them properly and checking the pads & rotors for wear? If the pads/rotors are fine I would prefer to wait on upgrading them.

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Can't remember what the brackets do for sure, but I think they move the caliper a bit more to the outside position in relation to the caliper. I know that after I had the TSB performed I needed 3mm spacers on the wheels so the wheels would clear my caliper covers, before the TSB, I didn't need the spacers, that's what leads me to believe the new brackets change the position of the caliper. I would think that there would be no need to replace the brackets again, not if you are just replacing pads and installing new rotors.

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Thanks for the links. Yeah, from what I have read the EBC (or Stoptech) rotors and red stuff pads may be the best choice for this car at a moderate price point. As soon as it warms up I will inspect them. Right now they only make the noise when letting up on the brake while coming to a complete stop.


Do the EBC redstuff require modification (drilling?) to fit the SHO properly. RedCandySHO had to drill the Stoptechs to accept spreader clips, I believe.

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