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Braided lines?

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I think Goodridge makes them now. I just ordered a set for my SHO. Check AutoAnything.com or Amazon


Thanks for adding to my mod list for this for this year. I did some poking around and found Goodridge G-Stop 12348 for the 2008-11 Taurus Incl. SHO. That should fit all SHO's. I found it on amazon and stillen for a decent price and free shipping.

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To this date/time, they are $165 on auto anything.com for the 09-11 Taurus (SHO). Can anybody think why the '12 isn't listed? Has anybody successfully put these on their '12 as I desire to do?


Is Goodridge still the best option for replacing the OE brake line at the caliper?





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I found these Brian on ebay a few bucks cheaper. I personally see no reason why wouldn't fit your car, as there where no changes to 2012's. Sometimes it take a while for part suppliers to update there catalogs. I know in the past when buying stuff for my car, which is a 2011 they had listing that went to 2010. Best I can tell from Fordparts.com that the brake hose share the same part no's.





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