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Removing Baffle on Turbo


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Hi all, I have this baffle in front of my turbo, I want to rremove it and make my whoosh louder ;)


Any ideas?? Im thinking of a piece of exhaust made from a muffler shop...will it attract too much heat?? its only about 8 inches or so.


Wondering if u guys have the sane baffle?? what did you do?? If I could separate the baffle I could plug up the holes..no idea how to separate it.







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Im about to go to the garage and look for this. lol


We had something similar on the Genesis, and it was the first thing everybody removed. but ours was straight, so it was a very basic do it yourself mod.


Edit: Looked and cant really find anything. It might be somewhere else, but my piping doesnt look like that around the alternator.

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well maybe...he's from australia and' date=' if i remember correctly, that isn't a taurus...same engine though i believe.[/quote']



yes he has a 2012 ford g6e ecoboost.


Op you may want to see if you can talk to some aftermarket vendors to see if a new tip(turbo inlet pipe) can be produced. Given the engine layout it should be to difficult to get one made out of silicone.



yeah dont forget my engine is longitudinal mounted so thats why it looks different as we have rwd.


It should just be a small straight peice needed, just need to get an adapter to fit into the existing intake pipe.


jaskel please some picture of(g6e) our down under cousin(sho/mks) in you avatar she looks good.

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