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2013 SHO PP 20" paint issues


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Anyone with the 20" rims on the 2013 SHO PP having issues with the black paint? I had pits and deeps scuffs from the day I picked them up from the dealer. They replaced 3 rims at first without a hassle and then one of those rims from the factory were not painting completely. They caught this before replacing. I finally had 4 rims with not major scuffs, although the paint appeared thin.


Now with 7K miles, the black is heavily pitted and chipped. All 4 wheels are getting pretty bad. I do clean them with plain water and cloths anytime they get dirty and when I have to take the car out in the winter, I clean the salt off that same day. When I bought the car, I figured I wouldn't go forever without them starting to pit in this part of the country but I would think less than 1 year is a little extreme. Any ideas?

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Not a free solution, but have them powder coated. They can be taped off, and coated gloss black to look identical to OEM, and I promise that wont chip or pit, unless you smack a curb. I had the same issues on my Genesis, and it was $300 to have them powdercoated. I did the whole rim, but I also did a custom 3 coat color. With yours, it might just be a little more time consuming due to taping off all the silver, but it shouldnt be that bad.


Most places will also require you to remote the tires before you take in the rims as well. My place had a 4 day turn around time.


I used to own a little Powder Coating company, and you would be surprised the abuse powder can take before it chips.

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Thanks for you input. I will probably have to get them powder coated if they get much worse. I didn't know if this was an issue worth complaining to Ford about at the dealership. My dealership is one of the few around that I trust and respect, so I don't want to complain about something to them, just to complain.


I think what really started chipping them was the anti-skid gravel crap left on the roads after a snow. I really don't take the car out in bad weather as I have an Expedition for that, but I live at the end of a cul de sac and it's like driving on a gravel road with all the material left. The wheels are full of it by the time I get in the garage, and that's on a dry day.


Thanks again.

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I decided to show my service manager the issues with the wheels. At the very least I wanted to let FMC know there was an issue, whether it was just a few of these rims or all of them. He took some pictures and sent them to FMC.


To my surprise, FMC sent 4 NEW rims to replace my original one's! I guess now I'll see if the problem was just a few of the rims or not. I get the new rims put on tomorrow. Add a few more positive points for my Dealership and FMC in my book.

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