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Show me your aftermarket wheels

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I really like the factory wheels...I'm not sure I would change them for looks alone...For me it would definitely need to be a performance reason...


When I was experimenting with spacers. I noticed a definite difference in ride handling. I can only imagine a wider rim/tire will give it a different feel. More secure cornering? And more.


While out n about in meh SHO

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Wider tires and rims should help with handling...I mean good tires are going to be better than wider tires that aren't so great, but great tires that are also wider are definitely going to help...the fact that we have 20" factory rims isn't necessarily going to perform as well as some lighter smaller rims with equivalent tires...I just can't imagine our cars with anything smaller than 20" rims...it's just a huge car, lol...Makes you want to name the car Big Bertha or something as a nickname...

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