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Hi all "new" sho 2010, and got some question

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Hi all


:focus: Warning Long Post ;)


Been lurking around here for a while and love all the information here.

Bought a 2010 SHO used last October, and the guy clipped a deer and said it was cursed. He kept good records of what was done and had plenty done on the car, new rear glass, back bumper, TSB brakes, rear doors, sync, taillights, and turbo’s. There still is some damage left from the deer, wheels, inside back pillars from removing the rear glass, missing the engine under shield, and wear and tear at 40k miles on it.


So far the only things I have had some minuses on the car are the key fob, multiple times had the alarm go off with me getting out of the car. No DRL and tail lights peeling a lot, will have to ask dealer to see if they might still replace them or not. The paint job, very nice but a pita to keep clean with all the unpaved - off-road driving I do with it. Finally the car itself :flame: was driving alone just based of feeling looked down on speedo was doing 110 or so on back road that I normally barely hit 60, and with the new good year tires with 3” of unplowed snow was doing 60 like it was nothing. Scared me a bit, its to much fun to drive to lose the license :spy: and with that speed on snow even though the breaks work great I didn’t want to try any emergency maneuvers.


So my to do / wish list that I got for this year on the car if funds permit, floor mat and trunk liner but probably by the time I have the funds were out of winter. Some type of DRL for front and possibly the back if I can find a point to mount them and, finally something about the grill.


The digital fit liners from weather tech and husky seem very similar and I wanted to know as I can’t seem to find if the husky’s driver liner has their hooks closed/caped up? Other than that I have seen both products in other cars and can’t find anything else that says one is better than the other so I’m leaning to the husky’s with my budget.


For the DRL I saw this thread (DRLS , by mjhpadi) and was wondering if it can be attached to the lens housing without damage from adhesive or removing the front bumper as it took a hit from the deer. It’s still solid on the car but the corner piece is sticking out so not sure if I can remove it and still put the bumper back. The site also has some dual stage LED that you can hook up to the turn signal and since this car is so computerized I wondered if it won’t throw a fit with the extra draw or if the turn signal won’t go all hyper.


For the grill as I’m worried to take the bumper of I wanted to play a bit with plasti dip to see if I can get something that looks a bit better. Only how should I prep the grill, tape off, and what should I put behind the grill to prevent blowing it into the engine bay or making a mess. Plus how should I remove it if I don’t like it or want to try another color?


Wow, long book that I wrote here hopefully next time it will be that I’ll contribute something to the forum. But love the car, want to personalize it a bit, and take care of it. Even after four months can’t take the smile away when I floor it, and love how I got laughed at driving a “full sized family” sedan at 21 yet they only see the peeling tail lights just running stock. :RpS_biggrin:


(Figured out how to put pick in signature, will see if I can get more up later)

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I can take the bumper off, all on my own, with my eyes practically closed, in less than 15min.


Again, I'll reiterate, w/o any assistance.


So, don't be afraid to remove simple body panels. Once you do it once, it's all a piece of cake after that.


Glad to have you here, thanks for coming out from amongst the "lurking shadows" and actually registering.


Welcome :welcome:

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:welcome: Glad you've joined us. As far as the LED's I installed, I did install them on the lens, and unless you look very closely you won't even notice that they are not part of the stock lens. I don't know how easy the are to remove, since I have tint on the headlight lens and the LED strips are really attached to the tint film. They seem to be holding, and are doing fine. I did not want them to work with the turn signals so the way I installed them, they are on any time the engine is running. They work independently of the rest of the lighting. Again, hope you enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to the forum! I got my car only a few weeks ago and it's awesome...the performance is way better than I anticipated when I was originally trying to figure out what vehicle to buy and I haven't looked back since. I had the WeatherTech mats in my Trailblazer SS and they worked great. I can't comment on the Husky mats in terms of comparing quality, but I know the WeatherTech was worth the money we spent on them...

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Really busy last two weeks so finally with lunch got some time to read up and come back on things. The DRL I was planning on hooking the white lights to the fuse box and the amber lights to the turn signal. will have to e-mail the company to verify that it can work like that. It should if I remember correctly how my trailer had its lighting it would be hot on the light and turn wire. I also was wondering if anyone has done replacement bulbs with leds, extra lighting, or some type of trailers with lights and how the car reacted to that extra or lower draw from the different bulbs, especial a CEL or different blink rate of the turn signal.


With the extra time I took in the last weeks, hopefully I can get the mats soon but then the snow will be over but would be still nice for the car to have them in for spring mud.


Haven't figured out how to post pics on here so probably will have to use some hosting site, got some of car, but if weather cooperates might get it washed, clayed and waxed over the weekend. I’m still hoping for a nice rain shower to clean the roads from the salt, sand and gravel around here.

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