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Airaid CAI..not as easy as the video...

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The installation is not as easy as they make it appear in the video. For the novice it could be difficult.


1. Removing the cold air sensor is not as easy as it appears on the video. They don't tell you there is a tab to lift up before you can turn it 1/4 counterclockwise. Plus it's more like 1/5 of a turn and you have to line up the fins with the hole,plus it takes a bit of pulling effort to remove it. The mechanically inclined can figure this out, but the novice will have difficulty.


The instructions to remove the wire harness from the old box lid read:


"Using a pair of needle nose pillars, carefully compress

the fins of the wiring harness anchor and pull it out of the

air box lid."


Yeah! good luck with that! You need a fin tool to get it out and it's not reused anyway. The novice will find this frustrating.




2. The wire harness to reconnect the cold air sensor is not long enough to reach the new sensor location. I'm sure the length varies from car to car. I had to remove the loop that was sealed with black tape and it still barely reached, I had to splice new wires on to release the tension. Again, the novice will have difficulty with this.


3. The weather strip is a very poor design. Its a straight length and is a poor fit. They should of designed one to match the curves on the CAI box. In the video it looks easy, but is not.


I like the look,but the instructions suck.

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For me it was a breeze but I work on cars daily, like mentioned above, the modifications you made I had to the same. I haven't lengthened the wire yet, but I did have to unlatch it like you said to get more length, and it still barley reaches.


If this is somebody's first mod ever to a car, that could be a little confusing.


And yes the weatherstrip is a poor design.

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I don't work on cars everyday and consider myself

a novice. I would say that the install, which takes under an hour, is a 3 out of10 in difficulty at the most. The only issue was the wire that was a little short. That can be taken care of usually with cutting a few of the zip ties securing the wire. If that had not been an issue, I would have rated the installation to be a 2 out of 10.

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I had a problem with the weatherstripping on mine. First I had it installed with the curve facing outward, correct way is the curve should be inward towards the filter...and it still doesn't want to stay in place, I still have to fiddle with mine on occasion. However, in all fairness, David from Airaid did offer to replace my weatherstripping with new at no cost, but I didn't feel I needed new.

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Just installed mine yesterday. Not too bad at all. Biggest pains are the wire length for the sensor (maybe they should put it on the side rather than the top) and the weather stripping. I got the non oiled filter and purchased the sleeve as well.


What I found interesting is that there was ice filling the bottom section of the OEM air box. Assuming water got in there from washing the car.



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