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Hello just joined today.


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In an official capacity, welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to have you here, and with your background and ownership of the previous Generation Taurus SHO, I'm sure our members will come to appreciate your insight.


Lots of good info posted up here thus far, and I believe you'll come to enjoy your time here, as we have a lot of helpful, knowledgeable members as it relates to the newer SHO models.


Contribute where you feel you may, and we all look forward to your involvement! :thumb:


The 2013's seem to have the latest and greatest, including the addition of all the extra coolers if you pick up the PP pkg.


If your goal is to save some coin, well then pickup a pre-'13 model year, and just retro those coolers on.....


I would say the biggest improvement on the 13's would be centered around the brake upgrades.


Light years better than the 10's thru 12's.


It all really depends on what your looking for, and opinions on this can be so subjective, it's not even funny.


Arm yourself with the knowledge of improvements of the 13's, versus the 10's thru 12's and I'm sure you'll come to w/e right decision is both best for you, and best for your situation.


Good luck!


Mike :yo:

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Welcome to the site!

I agree with everything that BPD says above, and ultimately it is your decision.


I had the same dilemma last year, but the cost difference, with the X-plan, was 5-12K (plus at least 10K miles) for a used 10-12 vs a new 13. I liked the interior and the more aggressive front end better on the 13s, plus the brake upgrade was already done. Since I am going to keep mine for awhile, cost was overruled by the car I liked better. I didn't want a "coulda, shoulda woulda" down the road.

If you're going used, see if all the TSBs are done. If it is a 10 look for the strap to pull the trunk closed, which would be a job #2 car (a couple of fixes from the earlier 10 release).


Like stated above, both cars are great and you can't go wrong with either... the decision is yours.

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Thanks everyone, just hope everything goes well the next couple weeks and I can make it a reality. I love the look of the 13's, and the upgrades, but still not sold on the new dash, guess im kinda old school. I know they are all electronic now, but still love the 10-12 layout. My other half says it will grow on you, she has been helpful too, and she loves cars too.

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Welcome! I am fairly new here also. I purchased my '13 just a few weeks ago. I have a little over 900 miles on it, and love the way it drives. I traded an '11 Mustang GT/CS and speaking as old school on the dash situation, I like the SHO. It will take a bit of time to decide which details you want to view, but their is a lot of information available with the push of a button. The "new & improved" My Touch is really easy to use, and a lot of the information is available from the steering wheel, and viewed on the dash. My dealer had 3 SHO's in stock, and actually wanted to give me a PP model for $3000 less then the one I bought, as it had been in inventory several months. I was tempted, except, no spare tire was a deal breaker. I would shop around, on the WEB, and see who has the best deals. Be prepared when you go in to walk out, especially if they have more then 1 in stock. It took me a week to buy the Mustang, talking in person, by e-mail, and phone. Do a price comparison at Edmunds or Blue Book to see what the actual price of the car you are looking at buying is, versus the sticker. Let the dealer know you are a serious buyer, but take your time. Check and see if any dealer has left over '12's in stock and they may be really ready to deal if you don't have to have a '13. Good luck and I hope this all works out for you.

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