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New 2013 Taurus Sho owner, non pp


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Welcome :welcome:


I'm sure plenty of members here will chime in, in regards to their experiences pertaining to the application of aftermarket mods, versus any perceived Warranty issues.


You're not alone, but I think you'll pleased to know that most have not had any issues in regards to Warranty work for simple bolt on type mods.


A few pics would be nice, as the 13's are pretty sharp, and offering some improvements over the 10's-12's.


It's nice to have someone like you who has a background with the previous Generation(s) of SHO's, to help offer some insight and background on the SHO lineage / heritage! :hail:


Thanks for joining :thumb:


Mike :yo:


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:welcome:Glad you have joined us here. Hopefully you will discover that most of us have installed a tune in the car and are very pleased with the improved level of performance and the lack of any problems from the tune. Most of us had the same worries and have discovered they are not justified. I know my dealer is aware that I have my car tuned and has never had a problem with it or the Airaid CAI.

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good catch goblues, that crown vic's going to have a tough time keeping up w/ the SHO. Your SHO is very nice. I actually called my dealer ahead of time about addng the CAI & the cat backs. The only issue they could see was if the CAI was aimed down & sucked some water into the engine. I have the AIRAID, as when I was looking on K&N they didn't have a part# for the SHO, & it's aimed straight out, my service mgr looked last time I took it in as I asked him. & he said no issues & loved my mods. Said it's a crime Ford is trying to keep it as a sleeper, just to keep Mustang people happy.


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